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13th Apr 2017 from TwitLonger

Response to Riot's ruling

Gonna answer Riot's ruling without breaking NDAs if I want to be allowed to play
competitive league of legends! I'll go quote by quote and explain why it's wrong and what Riot
is missing or lying about.

"Over the course of the investigation into the allegations made by players of Tainted Minds, we have interviewed players, team ownership, current and former team staff and Rioters, as well as reviewed written correspondence between all involved."
Can't go over specific points as it is under NDA, but the only time I answered Riot Central's
questions, I pretty much copy pasted most of it from stuff that was already public. Not quite
sure why I was even asked those questions, since the information was already out.

"Due to the fact that Tainted Minds made efforts in good faith to correct ongoing issues based
upon player feedback and otherwise fulfilled obligations, we won’t be expelling them from the
OPL." How delusional or hypocrite do you have to be to actually say that publicly.
Tainted Minds signed a deed with Nick and Ryan that they would not make any public statement, then the next day they release their statement and break their agreement. How can you consider that good faith? Literally breaking your agreement within 24 hours.

"As of April 4, 2017, none of the players in question or the former coach are listed in the
Global Contract Database as a member of Tainted Minds." After 7 weeks of being in contract prison and no one doing anything about it, except Riot OCE telling teams to not approach me.

"At no point do we believe that the players’ safety was in jeopardy."

"This failure in communication/team management weighed into our decision to place the team on probation." Most of the issues were communicated to the organisation even before they happened, and the rest right when they happened. Tainted Minds had all the information needed to fix them, but did not. There was not any failure from the players/coach/manager to communicate issue to Riot OCE or Tainted Minds, both those parties were at fault.

"We found no evidence that Tainted Minds was treated differently than any other organization
would have been in the same position" They put 13 players in the database when the maximum is 10 by their own rule. When asked about it Riot tried to hide everything. Daniel Ringland delayed the mediation meeting multiple times. On the follow-up meeting with Riot a few days before our last match, after telling Daniel Ringland our intentions to not play, he went to John Mcrae and told him our intentions, and Tainted Minds started looking for new players. I do not think that is within his task as a Riot employee to go to his friend and reveal information said in a private environment.

"Even where the trust between players, coaches, managers and organizations break down, the violation of NDAs and the release of personal and/or confidential information should never be the answer to the problem." Let's be real, without going public nothing would've happened, the only reason Riot central even investigated the whole issue was because I went public and because it hit front page of reddit. Nick went public in February, 3 weeks before I did, and nothing happened on Riot OCE or Riot Central's side. I am choosing to not violate my most recent NDA, but I had no choice but to violate my previous ones If I wanted to be able to play next split.

"With that in mind, we will be introducing a new dedicated email address for any pro player in
any league worldwide to reach senior central leadership and be guaranteed a response within 24 hours." As if we did not reach to riot central prior to me going public!

I like how Riot did not even adress the issue of not receiving a buyout amount within 30 days.
Im pretty sure I signed a contract to Riot and that the organisation not providing me a buyout
fee breaks Tainted Minds agreement with Riot! The only issues adressed by riot in that statement were the OPL payments and the computers. Riot doesnt seem to care that I was paid my decemember's invoice in March. Riot completly ignored us being in contract prison for about 7 weeks.

I'll be clear here, I am not going to stop until one of these 2 situations happen.
1. Tainted Minds get banned from OPL and Daniel Ringland is fired.
2. Nick, Fasffy, my teammates and I get paid damages for Riot screwing up on this matter.
If nothing happens I'm really wondering how you will publicly announce my competitive ruling without taking another PR hit.
Your turn Riot.

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