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10th Apr 2017 from TwitLonger

Join us in welcoming our new Rocket League team!

Nexus Gaming Rocket League Roster:
Peter "Pepiope" Montanez - @PepiopeRL
Daniel "Laz" Garner - @Lazulicc
Sean "AirRejectz" Yoges - @AirRejectz
Jay "KingWizard" Kidston - @KingWizardRL
Cole “Wildscion” Williamson - @WildscionRL

Nexus Gaming has come to terms with the team formerly known as “Eggplant”. The team, consisting of team captain Pepiope, starters Laz and AirRejectz, and substitutes KingWizard and Wildscion, will now be playing under the Nexus Gaming name.

Previously, the team have performed well in recent tournaments, finishing 2nd in the most recent edition of Liquor League, only falling to NRG after wins over Genesis and Suji (a pick-up team of Pluto, Kyle Masc, and Sir Pancake III, who beat Set to Destroy X 3-2). They also performed well in Shift Pro League’s Tournament of Champions, defeating Genesis and Spectrum but eventually fell to Take 3 after a previous loss vs Iris.

After having previously qualified with a 4-0 win over Nova, their first appearance with the Nexus Gaming name will be in the League Play stage of the Mockit Championship Series.

“I’m really excited to see these guys represent us on the field; after knowing these guys for so long, it’s a pleasure to welcome them into Nexus. We’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings.”
Nexus Gaming Owner - kerrytaz

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