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28th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

This video fails to address any of my key points and presents several pieces of false/misleading information. Shocker.

"Neither of us have ever asked for and will never ask for any cut of these sales. I have a modest sponsorship in which I can afford food, rent, and tournaments, and that's all I ever wanted from Smash in the first place."

This is more than enough reason to defend a brand.

"[Hax] tries to claim that it's his layout but it is in fact ours and I will prove it. Let me be crystal clear about this topic: this entire layout discussion comes down to one day, January 4th. Any days that are not January 4th are simply irrelevant. Hax showing himself modifying a file on the 16th literally does not matter. Before January 4th, Dustin had asked me if I could Skype with Hax and come to a conclusion about the layout once and for all."

There are several problems with this testimony.

For one, this is all irrelevant, as the layouts being referenced from January 4th were all still terrible, and not fit for sale. I was well aware of this; these were all still works in progress, and I was happy with the progress that had been made as of January 4th. Yet, you and your boss were insistent on "coming to a conclusion about the layout once and for all," as you were both growing frustrated with how constantly I was proposing changes, and just wanted to shit out whatever you could. The demands to hurry up, which were made on January 5th, told me everything I needed to know.

You wouldn't know this, but the proper execution of this controller has gone on to take me months of tireless work. Under no circumstance will the B0XX team release something that will require a version 2. Aside from your motives being fueled by greed, I was dealing with your awful infrastructure which is set up for failure. Let's say we agreed on the January 4th layout and set it up for production. We would have been waiting to receive that faceplate 6 months later (assuming the timeline your boss gave me was the truth), ready to distribute it without anything resembling proper R&D. Let me give you a hint: if you are unable to produce prototypes on the spot with a laser cutter, you should forego this project entirely. Attempting this without one is called negligence, and negligence means a bad product for the consumer.

The fact that you're tunnel visioning on who created an irrelevant prototype layout and failing to see the bigger picture is bad enough. The fact that you're lying about who created the prototype layout is even worse. You claim nothing prior to January 4th matters, yet the notepad drawings in my video show how the January 4th layout actually came to be; it didn't just appear out of thin air. The fact that you sent a Gyazo of the layout at 3:30 PM towards the end of our Skype call on January 4th is not proof that you created anything. You doing that is the equivalent of me sending a drawing of the Gamecube controller to Nintendo and telling them I created it. This was also the same Skype call where your girlfriend, a PhD in ergonomics, repeatedly vetoed my layouts which had diagonally aligned buttons (objective ergonomic improvements for the index finger) and made me want to shoot myself. I have never denied that your girlfriend has the degree that she does. What I implied is that the fact that she has that degree is proof of how fraudulent the educational system is. The fact that she did not veto the 2 by 4 rectangular design within 5 seconds of looking at it is all that needs to be said.

While you were busy practicing pivot utilt all day, I was focused on the long-term: making this controller good. Let's not act like there was even a semblance of an idea to change the layout before I joined. As Dustin himself said, "the layout has been the way it has for years at this point, and changing it will require a huge marketing effort," implying I was the first one to insist on changing it. In addition, in your rage on January 20th, you taunted me by saying "especially since we're using an exact replica of your layout." When you said this, you clearly meant that you were not only copying what I'd given you up until then, but that you were going to actively copy the B0XX's advancements, which is why you showed up to Frame Perfect 2 with a replica of the layout I revealed on January 19th, and sent someone to espionage at Summit by taking pictures of the B0XX (who I will not name, as they do not deserve to be dragged into this). I really don't know why you're even bothering to convince people that you had any sort of impact on the product, and that you haven't been riding my coattails this entire time.

When you copied my January 19th layout, you failed to even replicate it properly, as the B0XX had an X button by then, which you claimed in your video that it did not. The reason some of my January 4th and prior layouts didn't have an X button is because on those layouts, both B (shine) and R (wavedash) stemmed from the same jump button, so I didn't see a reason for another. The January 19th layout had 2 distinct rows, with X R on top and Y B on the bottom, which by then I had realized was the best way to do this. I don't even want to know how the hell you managed to play on this layout without an X button, but the fact that you couldn't even imitate it properly goes to show how clueless you are at designing this controller.

Once again, none of this matters. You failed to deny any of the meaningful allegations that prove why your company is fraudulent. You were caught red-handed in your attempt to rush a product, which quite frankly discredits anything you have to say to me. You begged a party who you are well aware is selling a product that makes yours obsolete not to compete, which is as pathetic as it gets in business. You posted a misleading article about me filled with cherry-picked statements to paint the picture that I joined your team with the intent of running away with your product, when I was infact selflessly working 15 hours a day to cover your mistakes. Something I left out of my video is that I came back 2 days after my business proposition to Dustin and told him that I didn't even care about the money, and to please just give me time to redesign the product so that it is actualy adequate for gameplay. I was still turned down. Let me clarify, for the hundredth time, that Hitbox had no intention of selling a functional product as they knew they would move units regardless. Now that they have been exposed, they are being forced to save face.

You are a fraud, a failure of a representative, and a scammer. Your company will not wipe its ass and sell the toilet paper for $200 on my watch; I will make the product the people deserve since you never had the intentions to do so. I feel bad for anyone who buys your product, or a word that comes out of your mouth for that matter.

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