HGG drama

So ye, just came home from the Bahamas to some less than entertaining news. P4wny got voted in by, what I only can assume are, drama hungry trolls. So since I previously said I will not participate if he got voted in, I will forfeit my spot. A lot of people will probably say that I shouldn't forfeit , cause he will still be in it in it regardless. But its very important to stand by your word and send a message. Because as I previously said blizzard couldn't take back p4wny's nomination even if they wanted to after finding out about all the shady shit, but if I keep playing this tournament and feed the drama, blizzard might just invite him to whatever other event in the future. Which is of course horrible. I'm sad that I'm one of the few players who can afford to forfeit a chance like this, and I dont really blame anyone of the others for sticking to their invites.
I won't be watching this time, and I hope that blizzard researches their nominees a bit better for next time.

Atleast my favorite filipino kid Sjow will probably get my spot, he's a hard worker and deserves it.

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