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About Tainted Minds statement

I will quote stuff said by Tainted Minds in their public statement and clarify their lies.

"Tainted Minds acknowledges that issues arose with their gaming house but by the time of
mediation with Riot on February 6, 2017, it appeared the majority of the issues had been
resolved, although a few minor problems remained."

By a few minor problems remaining over 2 months after our arrival, here is the list
- No working internet
- Did not receive the computer we were promised
- Frequent power outages
- Aircon issues
- Have not been paid my december's invoice
- Asked for my buyout in early january and never received an answer
- Washer/dryer issues
- Was not able to scrim in 3 weeks.

We just wanted to play the game, and were upset because we couldn't. All the other in the house were bad, but nowhere near us not having working PC/internet to play, which is all we wanted.

I have tried to handle it all quietly for months, I think its weird that Tainted Minds try to
take the high road by saying they stayed private during all of this, considering I stayed private
until Tainted Minds denied arbitration provided by Riot, I also had proof of TM shit talking
players and Fasffy behind our backs. Their accountant Kelly Bobir also went public and
threatened to sue us, deleting afterwards here tweets that can be found here.

"Tainted Minds was advised by their legal counsel that the grounds disclosed for termination were not legally sufficient under the termination provisions in the team members' contracts and were therefore of no effect."
I legally terminated for cause due to my reputation being harmed by not being able to practice
efficiently (or at all) for the last 3+ weeks. An LCS team was interested in me afterwards, but
after watching my OPL performance (getting 100cs down over and over due to me not being able to even play 1 quality solo queue game per day and 0 scrims), they changed their mind. This clearly proves my point that i LEGALLY terminated my contract over clause 8.3d, and that the clause I used was valid.

"1. The gaming house was selected by “Fasffy” (the team’s manager) in consultation with the coach and players"
The reason Fasffy insisted on having that house was because Tainted Minds was late on their
deadline of having all the players in the house by the end of november or beginning of december, and it was the only possible way to have Ryan, Nick and me ready to do tryouts. Fasffy was not the only one to agree on the house, Tainted Minds agreed as well. Tainted Minds complain about Fasffy and blame her all they want, but chose to have all communication go through her. If she was making things worse, why did they insist on having her be the middle man between us two. It's obvious that Fasffy was trying to fix everything with all the emails that she sent, they just needed a scapegoat. TM inspected the house and approved it, TM inspected the contracts and approved them, they can't blame Fasffy for that. Tainted Minds complain about us not wanting to go to another house but they offer it two weeks before OPL, expecting us that they'll be able to set up another house correctly. No one wanted to change house until February, when it was shown that everything was back to being unpracticeable again.

"Tainted Minds (TM) initially suggested that the players and management move into temporary accommodation (with internet) on the 11th of November"
They also offered a place to stay when we moved there, but we declined because we weren't signing contracts if a house wasn't already secured. We stated this to TM multiple times. Why would we fly overseas to live in separate apartments. How would we get food between each other? It'd be expensive as hell and we'd lose money

"AC was available from December 6th and an air evaporative cooler was installed on January 16th, with an additional AC unit installed on January 19th."
The first AC unit that was apparently available on December 6th did absolutely nothing, and
Tained Minds were aware of it through one of the long emails from Fasffy. AC was supposed to be at the house and ready as proven here

"4. Contracts"
Tainted Minds had their contract written by Michael Steward, a 21 year old guy. I do not think
this is the best way to handle profesionnal esports contracts. Fasffy offered someone to do the contracts, Tainted Minds accepted it. If Tainted Minds thought the contract was sketchy, they should have said no.

"There have been many fabrications around the contractual agreements with the PCs in particular."
In the letter of agreement we have been sent, the computer was supposed to be valued at 4500 $. We received a model valued at less than 2000$ that was already USED. They would crash often during scrims and solo queue. They would also take a good 5 min to start and be ready. Also, Nick and Fas NEVER RECEIVED THEIR PC. Here are proofs of them crashing constantly.

"In December, management received notification that Fasffy had contacted the captain of another TM team to obtain confidential contract details and remuneration figures."
We have been living like shit for the past 2 weeks and Tainted Minds just signed a CSGO team, basically meaning they didnt really give a shit about us. Fasffy was trying to reach to the CSGO team because she was worried that they would be using her friend's contracts for them, which she asked them not to.

"A TV that was moved from the living room into the gaming room by a house member was found to be the trigger after the player's departure"
I do not think doing vod reviews in over 30 celsius is a good idea, thats why the TV was moved.

"Irregular packet loss was experienced during the hours of 5-10pm for short periods in game."
The packet loss situation was worse during 5-10pm, does not mean we did not have packet loss at all during the other times of the day. It was bad all day, just extremely bad during 5-10pm. The "short periods in game" is straight up a lie. I couldnt play league for 3 weeks.

"Once notified, TM management immediately ordered and installed two new fibre (NBN) lines with separate providers that do not share the same infrastructure. These two providers were suggested to TM management by an industry expert as Riot also utlises Vocus, which provides the lowest latency to Riot games."
Latency was not the issue. Once a second line was installed packet loss was the exact same. We asked for a second line early on, but TM ignored it until internet became an issue. We ended up with of of their friend's lines. They said it was recommended by Michael Carmody (who works with Legacy), even though he denies recommending it. Everyone in the house recommended iinet, but they went with another line, lying to us about the reasons.

"Despite this TM offered cooling solutions for the house, provided a washing / dryer combo,
provided blackout curtains, arranged pickup and delivery laundry services, gym memberships and an online shopping account."
a washer/dryer combo who works on an 8 hour cycle, for 7 people in the house, it made it
impossible for us to use because using it would mean no AC in the gaming room. We would unplug the TV and the computers when we did laundry at night and it did not stop power outages. We're not idiots and we tested unplugging everything. We were fine with hanging our clothes in a clothesline, which we did, we just did not want to hang them on the balcony, which is stupid. "arranged pickup and delivery laundry services" made by an airtasker who would lose clothes and ruin some of them. "online shopping account" which took over 10 days to setup because no one from Tainted Minds was answering in the skype chat. We did not have any groceries for those 10 days. We were getting food from Costco and not delivery, and we were forced to stop and use delivery instead. Groceries became an issue because TM refused to respond about our budget, so we didn't know how much we could spend. We
waited for answer and never got a response so Nick ordered it himself.

"13. TM has continually sought to resolve this matter amicably within the terms of the
TM was not willing to do arbitration, even though we were willing to pay for it. They waited
until 2 days ago to propose it, even though it has been in the talks for about 3 weeks.

"All other relevant player monthly / OPL match payments / valid invoices were paid on time and in full and complied with Riot payment schedules - contrary to what has been alleged."
My december invoice has been paid 2 days ago.
My week 3-4 of OPL has been paid a week ago, and later than 2 weeks after getting paid by OPL Tainted Minds received their OPL money for that week on February 15th

"There is no doubt that had a great relationship with the players but her relationship with the
owner’s was antagonistic and she was not an advocate of the team owners whilst with the club."
She gave a shit about the players unlike Tainted Minds. She might not be perfect but did
everything in her power to fix issues. Why would Tainted Minds have all the communication go through her if she was hard to work with?? We were willing to communication directly with Tainted Minds employees but got told to go through Fasffy.

"On the 24th (February) TM offered Tristan Cote-Lalumiere a buyout of $10,000 AUD to which Tristan's response was to seek damages of $22,344 AUD instead."
My contract has been legally terminated. I am not affiliated with Tainted Minds. If you wish to
prove it was not legally terminated you had all the rights to sue me or go forward with
arbitration, 2 things Tained Minds did not do. I waited over a month to get my buyout fee, which shows Tainted Minds wanted to hold me in contract. It clearly shows Tainted Minds was not ready to let me go, despite publicly saying they were open to discuss it. I never received a buyout fee before that date. Its kind of weird that I receive my buyout once my contract is legally terminated!

"At all times, across any of its eSports teams, Tainted Minds is happy for a player who wishes to leave the organisation to do so within the terms of their agreement."
I have asked for my buyout and have not received it in over a month, which breaks your agreement. I have then legally terminated by contract by a clause within your own agreement. Why are you able to use your agreement to legally terminate Fasffy but we are not allowed to terminate our's by a different clause in the same agreement?? This clearly shows that Tainted Minds was not willing that I evaluate my options.

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