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22nd Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Why Tainted Minds should not be allowed to operate an OPL team with proofs

Here is the full story with most of the chat logs that we released to the media a few weeks ago.
I think almost all the important issues are covered there, apologies if there is anything formatted wrong. I am only releasing this to cover my reputation and seek recovery for the damages they have caused me by restraining my ability to play for the rest of split 1, when my contract has been legally terminated. Tainted Minds declined arbitration offered by Riot NA a few weeks ago, but are suddenly interested in it, after a few of my friends have been released, and after I threatened to release the chat logs. If all those proofs are not enough to get Tainted Minds a competitive ruling from OPL, I will make sure to find more. No statement from Tainted Minds since the start of all this fiesta, therefore I doubt they will try to deny anything I say. It is clear that Tainted Minds does not have the ability to run an OPL team. Now its left to Riot NA to do the clean-up, Riot OCE has already proven they are uncapable of handling this situation.

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