Upcoming Reduction of Posts at Wirral Council

Hot off the press. Courtesy of Labour Councillor Matthew Patrick.

Swingeing cuts to staff?

The main purpose of this latest investment?

See 12.


Staffing Implications
As the new Customer Access System is embedded across services, there will be an opportunity and requirement to redesign – and reduce – the staffing structures, administrative processes and systems which currently underpin the services. This will be required in order to ensure the services which residents receive are as streamlined and seamless as possible.
This will lead to a phased reduction of posts. This reduction will be delivered through extensive and transparent engagement with staff and Trade Union colleagues and, as much as possible, through the natural reduction of staff numbers (where people leave the organisation or retire), and through voluntary means. While there may be a need for some compulsory redundancies we will seek to keep them to an absolute minimum.
Importantly, we will ensure no major changes to the underpinning service structures are implemented until the new system is in, working, tested and delivering the right results and service for residents.

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