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Trying to paint a picture for upper management not living inside the house: TM

My goal at this point with this email was to maybe try to paint a picture for the TM upper management to tap into some form of empathy of the life within the house since my office-like and formal update emails as well as Skype communications were proving no use at this point. At the end of December, the out of pocket expenses Invoice I had totaled just under 1.7k. I was hoping they would realize from this how it is actually like and the problems we're facing to then take a step back to from whatever they were doing to help us, whilst also relieving me of overtime work and jobs not covered under my agreement.

tldr; After a 6000 word heartfelt email to TM upper management, they all conveniently decided to go on holidays -for Christmas "WEEKEND", which is fair since I sent this to them on a Friday [however I was not informed of any planned leave or who to contact in absence]. I'm not going to lie, I was fairly disappointed and hurt by the fact none of them said sorry or even apologised straight up after reading the email (I actually never got an apology!). I ended up having no response from anyone. I waited two weeks before deciding I had to invoice them for my December overtime in a hope to make them see how important it is they step in and help.


John McRae's lawyer then contacted me dismissing almost everything or just appointing the work back to me to do: http://puu.sh/uM8eD/f4e7d68361.png

{{I'd also like to point out here that in this response I'm again addressed as "Fassfy" even after making it's own point in my original email. How often they misspell my name (it continues today) despite telling them it was incorrect goes to shows the effort they put into valuing the me and the work I did.}}

After this followed the next saga of issues around my contract not being adequate or 'fit for the role they want". To which they tried their very best to include more work within my agreement, for no increased pay. My original contract was actually signed under duress- it's briefly touched on below but this is not about me, it's shared to help the players in the position they're in.

If I hadn't worked so hard, particularly in the month of December, the players would have been able to "black and white" terminate their agreements through the Probation Period clause. It saddens me that I hate the fact that I feel bad about this.


Subject Line: A formal request for increased remuneration and improved living conditions
Date: December 23 2016
To: TM upper management group email, John McRae

Hi all,

I am writing this email to inform you of the many issues that myself and our League of Legends team are experiencing in the lead up to the 2017 OPL Season.

In lieu of recent events, it has come to my attention that the current award offered by Tainted Minds will not be enough to sustain myself and my team for the entire OPL 2017 season.

I have spent a considerable amount of my own personal time and money in ensuring that the Team has been provided with the best possible environment, despite a significant delay on what has been promised to the Team by Tainted Minds. I have always gone above and beyond my outlined duties to ensure the success of the team, both in and out of the game.

The following document outlines my personal and professional commitments to Tainted Minds and the difficulties I have encountered whilst performing my Managerial role, all of which far exceed the scope of my job description and my current remuneration package. In many instances, the agreement in place between myself and TM has been seriously breached.

To give you some context regarding my professional and personal dedication to the Team and Tainted Minds organisation - In the 2016 OPL Season, I commenced my role as the Team’s manager. Of which I was paid a total of $750, as remuneration for my time. Out of the money allocated to me by Riot for the split, I spent $250 of my own payment in order to help get our coach to our boot camp in Brisbane. All for the betterment of the TM organisation. My players from last split have not received a player jersey with their names on it, nor have I received one myself. This was a stepping stone toward the 2017 season.

In preparation for the 2017 season, and prior to the commencement of my current contract, in a showing of good faith, I was responsible for the scouting and procurement of the international players. Working closely with the coach that I had also secured for the season, we set about approaching players that would form TM’s OPL roster. I personally handled every element of their transition to the OCE region, from the booking of their flights, contracts and their working visas. This was all done out of my own pocket or through personal connections without cost to the organisation.

Since our arrival in Sydney, TM have failed to deliver satisfactory results on nearly all responsibilities and promises made to the team. Many of these issues could have been resolved or subsequently avoided if the organisation had been more accommodating in my requests for support. In many instances, my requests for assistance or reconciliation have been met with significant push back, and most have been ignored.

I have compiled a list of all the issues that myself and the Team have encountered since moving into the TM house:

On arrival to the Team house in Sydney, the residence was absolutely filthy (and still is) which is quite simply put a risk to the health and wellbeing of myself and the players. It was quite evident that it was not cleaned before we moved in.

Within 15 mins of walking in the house your feet would be black due to the build-up of dirt and grime. I have had to fight a constant battle with Tainted Minds about everything that should have been done to make it a suitable home and workplace for the Team. Almost immediately TM are in breach of their player contracts. Their idea of a “fully furnished” house has completely missed the mark.

This is in clear breach of agreement held between TM and the Team, namely section 5.2

5.2 Housing, Food, & Equipment.
(a) TM shall provide Manager with reasonable, fully furnished lodging accommodations, including all necessary computers and gaming gear:

Not to mention, this is also a breach of the guidelines put in place by Riot to ensure safe working and living environments for all of their players.

“If League finds the premises unsatisfactory in its sole discretion, the League shall have right to suspend further Rent and Utilities reimbursement”

A week and a half after moving in it was brought to my attention that the initial inspection and documentation had not been completed. This was supposed to be filled in prior to moving in. Since discovering the letter, I have compiled 91 images and 16 videos with support documentation to send back to the landlord in order to help fix the existing issues. This proved to be just the start of a long and ongoing saga.

To ensure that the house would be up to standard, I had to search for floor cleaners myself, call them to come out and clean the floors. Even after a professional clean the place is still not of a livable standard. I have since mopped the entire house and it is still dirty. It has become quite clear that the amount of cleaning that is needed to make this house a clean and safe working environment is out of my control and nobody seems to care. There is mould and dead flies and bugs in every single one of the windowsills.

After stumbling across the house report I’ve had to compile and fill out the entire report to prove the place is not suitable to be living in. I have pointed out all of the issues to the landlords and that the house still needs fixing. I have raised this issue several times with TM - Even after being made aware of this, there has been no action from TM to support the team. The players do not want to walk in the house (their home and working environment) without shoes on because of the poor state of cleanliness. This is far from reasonable, as outlined in the current contract.

With regard to section 5.2 of the contract, the house is far from being fully furnished. This has severely impaired the day to day operations of the household, development of the Team and their preparations for the 2017 season.

After enduring the first week and a half setting up the house and the small amount of furniture provided sweltering conditions, there was finally some air conditioning provided, however it struggles to cool the main computer room. After the aircon had finished being installed, screws, off cuts and screwdrivers were left around on the floor and in the dining room. A hot glue gun was left on in the dining room all just expected for me to clean up.
It has struggled during regular temperatures, even with only half of the people and computers that are expected to be in that room full time in the near future. I’m very disappointed that my room has not been factored into the air conditioning, as current conditions in the house mean that ability to stream or create content as an influencer have been severely hindered. My options have been limited as I cannot perform these actions in the main computer room, potentially distracting them from their work.

Further to this, currently both my room and the coaches rooms do not have doors, limiting privacy in what is already a close quarters working and living arrangement. Privacy and personal spaces are constantly being breached. Not one person from TM has asked me if i’m even ok with with the current living conditions in house with 5 other males. Thus far, there has been zero concern shown for myself or the players. Nobody from the org has performed regular check ups or pursued matters to help us in this current predicament. Not once has a duty of care been exercised by TM.

As part of a “fully furnished” house, it is expected that the kitchen is also included as a minimum expectation. Cutlery, plates, small bowls, small glasses, teapot, pans, grill, microwave, fridge were the only things provided on arrival to the house. The bowls are not suitable for use in the house, as they are too small for one serving of cereal, let alone a 2 minute noodle packet. The glasses are the same. The house was provided with about 50 large plates, when asked why so many the response was “Because I know that dishes get left around at my house”. The first few weeks were incredibly difficult to store and prepare food with our small food budget, and only a paywave card to make purchases with. I have had to purchase tupperware to store food in, serving mats, coasters, salt and pepper, oils, lids for frypans. Additionally, there is no dishwasher in the house.
No hand soap was provided for the house, or bug spray, a plunger, rubbish bins for the bathrooms and bedrooms, hand towels, toothpaste, shampoo / conditioner, squeegee for the showers, broom, mop or mop bucket to clean a house that is already unacceptably dirty. No extra budget has been provided by TM to purchase these items. With a food budget of $2000 a month for 7 people, I think that it is unfair to expect these necessities should come out of an extremely thin food budget.

I have had to jump through many unnecessarily difficult hoops with TM to provide a dinner table and chairs for the Team house, as the assumption had been made that players would be fine to eat at their computers. This would be detrimental to the functionality of the computers and become another cleaning issue.

We currently have cheap IKEA chairs, and no date or indication on when that will be changing to proper gaming chairs to support their long hours behind a computer. A lot of the IKEA furniture was not properly made e.g. chairs could not recline because they were put together incorrectly. Beds have been breaking, draws have missing screws which has resulted in also breaking them / wobbling tables and draws which are unsafe. I have had to ask for a second set of bedsheets for the players with no follow up on if that’s going to be a thing or not yet either. Apparently players were expected to bring their own towels. None of which have been provided, nor communicated prior to their arrival.

Anyone familiar with the practice hours of professional League of Legends players, would know that they are often up late into the night practicing. The players and myself keep waking up at sunrise because there are no blackout curtains in our rooms and as a result have been unable to get proper rest.

As a Manager, being told that I can’t request things like a dinner table, curtains and things like this makes me fearful to ask for other things within the house. These items have all been requested to try and help make the Team house a home and a place players want to be happy in, rather than just a slaving workplace.

There was no hot water in the house for almost a week. The house also now has one shower out of action because it started leaking. This has taken over a week to fix because the contractor the landlords have assigned to our house does dodgy jobs and argues about everything / doesn't want to do them. I have received no support from TM in pursuing these matters for almost 3 weeks.

There is currently no means of doing laundry in the house. We are now going on 3 weeks and TM are yet to help provide a solution. As a result of this non-action and lack of provision I have to keep driving laundry to a laundromat without knowing if this is supposed to be the standard for our house for the next year. I've had to take 5 peoples week’s worth washing in my car to a laundromat to have their clothing cleaned because we don't have a washing machine. I’ve had my own clothing shrunk, a bra ruined and other clothing damaged due to this process. The Laundromat closes from the 24th until the 16th of January. We still have no idea what is happening with Laundry.

I have been chauffeuring the Team, at my own expense, for over a week and a half to make sure they can get to internet cafe so that we could still complete trials for top and mid lane. This is because we still have not been provided with adequate computer resources. Traveling to the cafe recommended by John meant that I have had to drive 40 mins each way. To add to the headache, the cafe did not accept credit card payments. This rendered the credit card provided by TM completely useless. On top of paying for and providing transit for the team, every day spent at the cafe meant that I was out of pocket $100 cash. After dropping the team at the netcafe for the day, I would then have to head back to the house to ensure that someone was home in case any items were delivered to the house. Communication from TM has been very poor, as tracking numbers for expected deliveries have not been passed on, nor have expected delivery times. As a result of this poor communication, I have been driving almost 3 hours a day in my own car just to support the players as well as ensure that we could still conduct proper tryouts. This goes without saying, that none of the internet cafes were a suitable working environment for the players.

Currently my own personal vehicle is being used as a Tool of Trade for TM and the Team, however I am not receiving the appropriate compensation or reimbursement to facilitate this. I have had to drive everywhere to get everything for the house in my own car. since arriving I have driven over 700kms working for the team. As a result of the constant ferrying during the setting up of the house, players have also come to expect to be able to use my car and rely on this for day to day tasks. Not once have TM discussed refueling my car or reimbursing me for the wear and tear, refueling and maintenance of my vehicle. I have had to assume that for this period of time they are at minimum paying for the petrol expenses that I have incurred. This obviously includes the multiple trips to pick up and drop people off at the airport a because the players simply do not have the money to pay for taxi’s or ubers and nor do they have access to the company expenditure account or has this ever been properly advised. Not once has travel or expenditure been discussed with myself or the team, so I have had to make many assumptions when approaching this subject. Hence, it has been easier to facilitate transport myself.

Another issue that has presented itself is one of waste management. The house currently is without enough council bins. This means that we have been stuck using the one small bin that was purchased for the house. At the present moment, it is hard to get rubbish out of the house as one small bin does not remove the garbage and waste of a house with 5 people in it, let alone 7. Add in to this, the excess rubbish due to new items being delivered at the house and an already untenable situation becomes worse. I have already organized one load of rubbish to be removed from the premises, and ordered a second council cleanup for the earliest available date on the 5th of January. I have also already done the groundwork in contacting the council to arrange replacements and passed this information onto the TM who have still not addressed the matter. I followed up regarding this matter several times however they still have not been ordered. The build up of rubbish also poses another serious health risk to the Team.

As a direct result of TM‘s failure to provide the team with satisfactory working and living conditions, the players have not been able to make the impact that we needed in the Solo-Q ladder since their arrival in Australia. This has also damaged our trials prospects for the other lanes and ultimately the Team’s reputation within the scene. They simply have not been able to spend enough time playing soloQ during the the first two weeks, as the internet cafes closed at 12am and there were no computers or internet at the house. Even when the players did have access to the internet cafe’s it wasn't a good working environment for them, which as a direct consequence has seen a drop in the performance of the team. Overall, this situation has been a huge detriment to their mental states having this be their everyday for their first two weeks in OCE. The coach was also very interested in doing a lot of extra work to help both the Tainted Minds brand and his own, but he has been unable to due to the lack of reliable resources in the house. The most he has been able to accomplish so far is the “Scouting Grounds” event that we both have worked on, which still ran into complications from TM due to them not being content with us managing the project.

The Players and Coach are now faced with having to play from the bottom up when they shouldn't have had to do that in the first place, they are top tier players - their reputation has been damaged because of this. This lack of presence has also cost our team a potential signing / roster move (Chief Swiffer) because the team has not had the impact that it should have had. We have been waiting 3 weeks for computers.

It has been very disheartening for the Team to have upper management respond to social media interactions almost instantaneously, however ignore all requests for support in the house. These issues are compounding by the day and Team morale has almost certainly been affected. We feel very disconnected from TM.

I wanted the house and Team ready and living on site by the end of November, as many of these growing pains would have been experienced well before players first moved into the house. These issues have been well documented by other orgs moving in to Team house environments (Chiefs & Legacy). Had this been executed, an appropriate home structure could have been worked out, and players would have had ample time to adjust. This would also given TM plenty of time to work with myself in remedying any issues encountered, providing a seamless transition into full time work and scrims in January. As the request was denied, we have been unable to fill a roster and currently only half of the players and staff supposed to be living in the house are here. The coach and players discussed before coming over the issues that they’ve had in the past relating to houses and organizations not following through on promises. TM were told what issues to expect when moving in, and the amount of time that was needed before the season started in order to avoid them. This was largely ignored and the players/coach are constantly complaining about how this is “just the usual disappointment” for esports.

They now look at it in the view of not understanding why they had to come to somewhere where they are unable to properly practice and stay at the level required for competitive play, as well as miss the holiday season with their friends, family and loved ones. They question what was the point of them coming over for this just to miss holidays with their families/loved ones?

Players that we signed late as a result of these issues already have prior commitments to family holidays and it is now impossible to ask for them to get out of. I am trying to future proof the house, as many of these issues will only be compounded once a greater strain is placed on current resources.

This goes without saying that countless social media and content creation opportunities for the team have been missed. Much of the content creation around this time of year (in the right living conditions) is easy create and has a fantastic level of engagement. These opportunities are now no longer available. The house and team living conditions are something that I am simply not comfortable sharing on social media. I have had to almost slow down all of my social media posts to a halt to support the team and house.

The players were not provided with headsets when they arrived. The players and the coach had to use 3 of my own headsets for this time too. No webcams have been provided for the players and my own webcam is also being used for when they want to stream. I’ve had to follow up and ask for more, of which only one more has been provided since. The players all want to stream, they only have one monitor at the moment and some of them don't even have computers capable of streaming. All of their own end of year influencer and social media opportunities have been hindered.

I had to borrow a friends computer for the first week in the house so that the players and coach had a computer to use. During this time I was excluded from everything, with no computer being provided for me. I was not asked I needed a computer to perform the countless tasks involved in properly establishing the Team house. Needless to say nobody has thanked me for letting them use my personal computer. My personal computer has been used for almost 3 weeks now, which has been a massive invasion of privacy just to make sure I can support the team. My computer also now has a virus/malware on it as a result of this use. Harming potentially all of my personal files.

I am missing huge impact opportunities for myself in my career as a social influencer. This is time that I cannot recover, nor am I being reimbursed by TM for. Since moving, I have been working from the moment I wake up until the time I fall asleep (7am-3am). I have had no time to myself, working 12 or more hours a day without any form of support or relief from what has been an unpleasant environment.

I have had to fight tooth and nail to get the food budget increased from $1000 to $2000 per month, which essentially means that everyone has $3 per meal a day (3 meals).

Probably the biggest blow to Team morale has been the announcement of the new CS:GO team being signed. With numerous reports stating that they are to receive both a salary and a team house, this has come at a heavy price to the mentality of players living in existing conditions. The Team do not feel as though they are being adequately supported by the organisation. Every reasonable request has been met with significant push back from the organisation. The players are questioning why they are being denied everything in face of a new team receiving red carpet treatment. It is unacceptable that I am walking on eggshells around the Team at the moment in lieu of recent events. Players are constantly questioning why they came to Australia, as they have not been provided with an adequate environment within which to achieve their goals, or the goals of TM, The newly appointed coach has been asking for his buyout. They are living in constant fear that their contracts will imminently be void because of the time taken to create a suitable working and living environment. The team is fast losing faith in the organization, despite my best efforts. It is only a matter of time before the link between the Team and the org is broken, just like many of the promises. For a week and a half the only update passed on to me to pass on to the players was tomorrow - it has been 3 weeks of “tomorrow” answers.

It has been a huge concern to myself and the Team that TM have not made the appropriate arrangements for player and manager payment details for anyone as we are fast approaching first payments. I have set up players with bank accounts and completed their documentation and applications at the post office. There has been no care shown for the players in even asking for bank details. With their first month of their retainers being due, I feel as though this is something that I will have to follow up again as well.

On a personal note, all of this extra burden has not properly allowed myself to seek alternate means of employment and supplement my own personal income. Many of the duties I have performed have been outside of the agreed scope of work, thus harming my own financial status for the betterment of Tainted Minds and the Team.

Another personal contact performed house inspections in Sydney on behalf of TM, filming and uploading walk through videos for us to look at. I have requested that he be thanked and compensated for his time and contribution to the Team. While this has been approved, he has yet to be acknowledged. When the past roster was released a few of them their last request was to get a jersey with their name on it, still nothing has been done on that front either.

I also organised the assistance of a very experienced friend to prepare contracts for the whole league team. He was also responsible for drafting the Detroit Renegades contracts. This has saved TM over $21,000 worth of legal contracts, not to mention all of the changes and revisions that were required before they were finished.

Currently, all forms of payment allocated to me in my contract come straight from Riot. There are no additional stipends or incentives provided by TM. The money that is being paid to me is strictly for the 20 weeks of the season, with literally everything outside of that being outside of scope of my contract. After raising this issue with the TM, I was unacceptably abused which was outright unprofessional. I do not feel as though any of my hard work and effort external to my contract has been valued. I am formally requesting that adequate compensation for my time spent working for TM well outside the scope of my current contract. Unless conditions improve and, my contributions to the team and TM will be significantly reduced.

I have never approached my own payment arrangements because I sit in fear of bringing it up. When I first tried to address the issue in a team meeting, I was abused by Nick Bobir in front of other management and made to feel guilty. He stated that “Upper management aren't even getting paid” and that the $750 I got paid for this years (2016) work is more than they have received (November 14th). They then asked I wanted to see the financials off what upper management in an attempt to prove they get paid nothing. This information was irrelevant, as I do not have revenue shares in the organisation. I have had to fight for the minimum funds which I would have been entitled to (Player Handler 3k and Player Manager 5k) from Riot, as TM were planning on withholding my entitlements from Riot and diverting these funds elsewhere.

Throughout the past 3 months I have called in countless personal favours to ensure success of the org and team. As a result much of has been taken for granted has been made possible, however I have been made to feel as though TM have completely overlooked this. There was no announcement of me re-signing to the team, and to add insult to injury, on the international players announcement my name was spelt incorrectly.

All of this has come placed a severe personal strain on myself and my own health and wellbeing. I have not even been able to speak to friends, having literally dropped off the face of the earth since moving. I do not feel as though I can leave this house and the Team in its current state to go back home and spend Christmas and New Years with my family or loved ones because it would be abandoning them. Right now, the Team already feel quite abandoned by the organisation.


After drafting this document, there have been a few updates to the aforementioned issues -

I have been made aware of plans to make the kitchen and dining room shared with the laundry. This would see a clothes washing machine where the dishwasher is supposed to go. Are we even still going to get a dishwasher?

Any time upper management has left the house, it has been left dirty for me to clean up after them. Empty boxes and plastics from IKEA furniture, and no method to get rid of them (no garbage or recycling bins to put them. We cannot get rid of our weekly household garbage with just the small bin that has been provided.

After raising the issue of blockout curtains since the first day we moved in, finally curtains are delivered that are not blockout curtains. In the first week I also requested under the desk cable management trays for the computer desks, to which the response was no. This now presents a fire hazard and also does not create a nice environment to take social media images. We’ve been left to daisy chain one power point for 5 computers and an airconditioning unit (2 weeks now).

As of the 22nd, we have finally been told that the computers have arrived at the Lenovo head office. I was called by Phid and informed that only two computers and no monitors have been arranged. I was also messaged on twitter and asked for social media photos. A blind assumption had been made that I was going to go pick them up from the head offices, when I also need to be home for multiple other deliveries (TV, curtains), handyman (fix the shower), electricians (install power points). They are being made to fight over who gets a computer first. The fact that they’re asking me to post anything remotely positive about this is also a slap in the face.

After 2 weeks of non-action from TM, the players / coach asked to directly speak with upper management to only get asked if I was performing my job correctly. With such backhanded comments, I cannot help but feel like I am being undermined.

I have our top laner arriving next week. He is only 17, so he will be driving down with his parents. They’re supposed to arrive and the house isn't ready. There are boxes everywhere that I can’t get rid of due to lack of council bins (which cannot keep up with the rubbish produced by the house). At this stage, he will not have a computer.

With a very low budget $2000 a month for food, one fridge is proving inadequate to store the bulk food we should be buying to make ends meet. Currently I have had to drive almost 3 times a week to re-stock food and we’re not even at capacity in the house.

Only two PC’s arrived today (23rd) without monitors. After speaking with Lenovo, they have been under the impression that only 5 pc’s are needed, not 7 as outlined in all of our contracts. Monitors were never discussed on their end. The office is closing today for the holidays season, will not be back on the 10th. Which means that our contracts will be void, as what was promised has not been provided within 30 days.

To compound issues further, today (23rd) I find out that Tainted Minds have not properly executed any of the contracts. I did not realise that I needed to follow up all of their work to this degree. Even now they are finally sending through properly signed contracts, whilst still forgetting to forget the execution date. I am being expected to forward on the finalized contracts to players rather than welcoming them to the team in the email trail I have set up for them. Originally I assumed they had just sent it without ccing me in.

https://puu.sh/sYe2I/9b88d0d8e6.png (no execution date filled in)

I still do not have a way to manage the funds for the house myself. I am still using a company credit card that I can only use paywave on. This limits all of my transactions to $100 or less, which has been the cause of frustration, and countless unnecessary trips and transactions.

Fuelling the situation is the fact that whilst the LoL Team feel as though they have been abandoned, TM have since picked up a CSGO team with promised salaries and a house in an esport where financial aid from the game developer does not exist. I have had to see what they were willing to offer Chief Swiffer to get him to sign on the team, and discuss salaries when I cannot even open dialogue around my own.

I have not willingly spoken to Nick Bobir since the 14th. Today I received a hamper package delivered to me, which is a nice gesture, but if I have to live in these conditions I would have much rather appreciate a monitor for the players or even that this money be put toward the food budget. As a result, I have been made to feel guilty because I should be making a social media tweet or something to show appreciation for the gift. In reality things are really not so rosey. I am living in fear of losing my team because of the multiple breaches in contract.

I believe that is it crucial Tainted Minds come to the party with not only rectifying these issues, but making extra provisions to ensure the long term success of the team. Whilst I understand significant investment has been made in the project already, it is quite clear that current budgeting, processes and execution have so far hindered the team. I would like to be paid adequately for my time and effort put into the team and org. I am working well beyond the scope of my agreed payment arrangements, as is expected with a top tier League of Legends organisation. I would like to be paid $21,000 for the 2017 season, as this falls in line with the Australian minimum wage, for what will be 30 weeks of time committed to the team. Currently my commitments to the organisation and team do not allow me to seek outside employment, and as a result I am living below the poverty line. I would love to be dedicating the 38 hours a week that I am spending each week on the team and org whilst being paid in the full time capacity that this role requires.

I love my job and I love what I do. I never wanted to feel this way about my position. Unfortunately has come to a tipping point. I come to you in the hope that all of the situations outlined can be rectified, on both a personal and professional level. You have not delivered on the support that you have promised to myself or my team. This needs to change moving forward, and I need to be compensated accordingly. As the manager of this Team, I come to you in the hope that you can make amends, and with the proper investment in both myself and the Team, help make the most out of 2017 for Tainted Minds.

Kind Regards,


From the bottom of my heart, I really hope and would hate to see more people go through anything even close to this. I know how selfless I am, this has left me very close to in debt and it shouldn't be expected of and is not healthy for any qualified, skilled and passionate professional within eSports to have to even consider doing to support something they've worked so hard for.

If you made it this far, thank you for your support.

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