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16th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

The Xedec Situation

First and foremost, I want to emphasise to the people that are just assuming things about this whole situation to perhaps fact check before you start random rumours.. this seems to be a common trend in this community for some odd reason, and makes some people look rather foolish.

Anyway, getting into it.

As many of you know, Xedec Nation (XN) rocket league parted ways from the actual @XedecNation organisation and this comes down to essentially two core reasons, which Nielkskoek already highlighted however not thoroughly, which is what I will do now because I think the rocket league community and XN fans deserve to know what is happening and I don't want to deprive you of that right.

On February 21st, I announced the Rocket League line-up for Xedec Nation, which received massive support and I think restored a bit of faith in the organisation from their previous decision on a roster, and all was well and dandy. The boys had full faith in me that this would come through, and honestly, I had full faith that it would as well - however this is where it gets rather annoying.

Damian, or the CEO of Xedec Nation LLC, gave the green light - along with his business partner, to acquire a top tier Rocket League team and he would give them salaries as well as implement a bonus reward system for their placements and achievements within the professional scene. It was my job to manage this team, promote them on twitter and essentially ensure that everything was running smoothly and we were getting their name out there. There were times where I would message Damian at the start and get a response perhaps a day or two later, however as time moved on and as we got into March, myself along with his business partner Will and essentially the entire organisation was being left in the dark by Damian.

Unresponsive, non-verbal and essentially little to know management or leadership from the own CEO caused myself as well as the Rocket League team to feel rather uncomfortable about the signing of this team. The players had signed their end of the contracts and it was just resting on Damian to complete the forms and send them back, not so hard right? Well essentially he delayed and delayed and delayed and even now, after the due date for the first payment of the player salaries, he is unresponsive to me and probably has no idea that this rocket league line up has even parted ways with his organisation.

Xedec was known within the CoD community and Halo community to be a rather professional organisation that had fantastic teams signed under them and the owner seemed to be someone who had a rather passion for what he was doing - which is why, without a doubt, I had faith that this would be a great chance for Niels, Dan and Zensuz & the super sub Rix Rondareous to experience being under a good org that can provide them with benefits all professional players get.

I want to make it known that I have only ever wanted the best for this team, and I have been working relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure they were getting the publicity and they were happy with where they were in terms of their representative team, and had I known that this would have gone to shit then I would not have wasted their time because something like this happening was never something I could actually imagine, especially knowing Damian for how long I have known him.

I also want to say that there are certain people in this community that are assuming Xedec Nation is unprofessional and that the team were stupid for even trying to sign with them etc., but these people evidently don't know that this was not an ORG issue it was a MANAGEMENT issue, and that's as simple as it comes down to. Had Damian been as passionate and active as he was when the discussion of acquiring a rocket league team was brought up, then there would not have been an issue what-so-ever, but people change and I assume his IRL situations got the better of him to essentially ruin a massive chance for his organisation.

To the team, now Cow Nose, I really hope you guys do well in League Play - you deserve to be there and you worked hard in the 3 weeks prior to the qualifiers to ensure you guys got a spot there. I couldn't be more proud of what you have achieved and I will miss managing the team, you guys are an abundance of upcoming talent and this should only be the beginning for you.

If you've read this all, hats off to you and I hope this clears the air more-so than Niels' brief summary of the situation. Any questions you have please feel free to tweet at me or DM me.


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