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Every screenshot will be associated with a number in order, Riot knew about everything and did not even try to fix things since early january. At the beginning of january we already had exhausted all the possible ways for us to communicate and work things through with Tainted Minds. Riot games recent article about Tainted Minds is lying everywhere.

1. Nick contacting Riot about needing helping, stressing out it is last resort, as all
communication between the players and the organisation has been pointless for the past month.

2. Daniel Ringland offers Riot mediation on January 13.

3. Mediation meeting on January 16th, everyone confirms they can be there even John Mcrae.

4. Mediation cancelled by John and Riot. We lose a scrim day because we already cancelled
scrims and the other team had rebooked.

5. John comes to the house for the meeting.

6. Nick emails Riot about the first meeting being canceled.

7. Second mediation meeting is set up. WE take the day off for scrims, but then its canceled. We lose another day of scrims. They reschedule for Friday at 3pm.

8. Second mediation cancelled.

9. Fasffy tells Ringland the meeting is really needed and asks for it to be on Monday since
we keep losing scrims. Ringland is unable to because he's on holiday.

10. Next mediation session is canceled.

11. John asks what the mediation will be about.

12. Information abbout the house being allowed to be inspected.

13. Email from Riot saying they can't act on anything eless the players report it, even
though the coach reported it.

14. Me contacting Riot about some of the few things that were breached in my contract.

15. Ringland not being cooperative when he has all the information needed, Riot has a copy of our contracts.

Shorterace did contact them about not being paid, he is asleep right now but i will provide proof later.

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