Quitting competitive gaming with Risky

4 Reasons are basically why I decided I no longer can play competitively with my team Risky.

First and most important is my health. This all started when I broke my foot about more than a year ago and I had nothing to do for 5-6 months but to sit and play. This heavily affected my back and the back of my neck since I'd sit and play for +12 hours straight. Recently, if I play more than 6 hours, my back starts to burn with pain and it's been bugging me a lot.

Secondly, the dead Middle-Eastern scene. I've played CS for more than 11 years and never had an organization that took us and paid us to play like a real job. Lately, the tournaments here are all about cash which is not what I'm willing to waste my time practicing for, it is not my ambition. I had hoped this year would be different in terms of sponsors and such seeing that the E-sports scene is rising all over the world but sadly it is not here, specifically for CSGO.

Thirdly, I've been working on a project of my own which should be starting soon. Once that begins, it'll take up most of my time and I wouldn't be able to practice regularly with the boys.

Lastly, Life. Spending most of my days practicing for an unknown future takes most of my time and it makes me cancel a lot of plans, miss on a lot of activities, friends, family and important occasions.

My performance individually and team-wise has been affected with the reasons mentioned and I can't allow that to happen to the team as I feel I am letting them down. Surely, they'll get back on the winning track and win the qualifiers that are happening soon and get more chances to represent Middle East and the UAE in the international scene. As for me, I'll sit back and relax for a while, focus on fixing my back and who knows if I'll get back to the competitive scene later on.

I'd like to thank my teammates for offering me the chance to compete with them locally and internationally. I can never forget the times we flew together and the experiences we shared. I'll continue to support the team and sub-in whenever needed. I'll still be active here and continue to post whatever random shit I usually post and I'll soon introduce you to the project I'm working on once it gets going.

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