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15th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Parting ways with Xedec Nation

Hi everyone, Niels here.

We as a team have decided to part ways with Xedec Nation. This is because of a couple reasons. There are two main reasons behind this decision. One is the lack of communications between the owner of the organization and us the players. And second is the lack of agreement about our contracts on both sides.
I myself was confident that the problem would be resolved within reasonable time, but unfortunately it did not come to that. Therefore we decided to end our contracts completely and go on without Xedec Nation.

We will still be playing league play of course, with the same roster as before. We decided to bring back an oldie and go with a team name that will bring fear into the hearts of our opponents.
Cow Nose.
Yes that's right, we are bringing back Cow Nose.
The support we had after moving on to League play has been great and I hope we didn't dent the faith of some of our supporters / fans too much.

Thank you for reading and understanding. I wish the best of luck to all teams in league play and to those that still have to fight for a spot!

Lots of cheers,

~ Niels (AKA. Nielskoek, Nielschkoek, Nielscoke, Nielschc*ck, Nielsc*ock, Neill)

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