Update on FictionSphere and the future of ZXG

TL;DR- KS goal was not met,but FictionSphere will go on, ZXG is on indefinite hiatus, some of our backers will have a chance to alpha test and play the FS demo.

Hello Everyone! Unfortunately we did not reach our KS goal, however we want to personally thank the few dedicated fans who helped back our game! Although Less than half of our following donated we were still able to reach 8k including paypal! On top of all that we were even GreenLit!

So now that the KS is over whats going to happen to FictionSphere? Well, we aren't throwing in the towel just yet! The game will still be in development! That's right, the show will go on!

However due to this, ZXG will be put on Indefinite hiatus, working on two projects will not be viable anymore, as we need to be focusing all of our assets on FS. Which is why the funds were very important as we would've been able to hire new talent and complete both of the projects in a timely fashion. We aren't abandoning ZXG, it just wont be updated, or have very few updates than before.

Additionally anyone who donated during the campaign period, can expect some great news shortly, nothing is set in stone just yet, but we have plans for a demo and possibly accept some fan-art segments to be included with the the main game. Some of our backers will have a chance to Alpha test it first and help us along with the creation process!

For the few who donated with Paypal a refund has been issued, so expect a few days before it goes back.

We hope that you can understand, thank you for the continued support!


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