My future career in Esports

PSA this isn't a post bragging about any of my accomplishments etc im literally just telling you how it is and why I'm making the decision im making

It's hard for me to accept this decision, but I know it's for the best. Although I had the potential and offers to compete in both the nalcs and nacs starting the summer split, I've come to the conclusion that its best for my future to pursue education in college. I've graduated high school nearly the top of my class averaging so far over my four years what would calculate close to a 4.0 gpa on the 4 point scale (my schooling system does it on a 6 point scale). Ive almost never studied for a single exam and never have to because of my memory; answering the commonly asked question "how I stayed in challenger for 3-4 seasons and can maintain success in school". Although my passion for league is strong, I do still have a passion to pursue becoming a surgeon and saving people's lives daily. Even though many would argue that college "isnt going anywhere", my drive to pursue education will. Recently I've received more scholarships to go to a dream university of mine to the point that I'm essentially being paid $7000 to go to college. To throw that opportunity away to pursue what many(including myself) consider a very erratic career is foolish. It also doesn't make matters easier when I have no family support in attempting to pursue this to the extent that they'd be willing to shut off my Internet at any time to hinder my progress as a player(ps I'm not 18 yet! Need their support). So I apologize to all the fans that wanted to see me shine as a player. I apologize to all the orgs that I've spoken to and lead on about joining. I apologize to all the NA fans for not being able to make the "na talent" meme no longer a meme. I will still be playing soloq every now and then as well as steam but not to the degree in which I was when hoping to pursue lcs. Thanks for reading this far if you did :)

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