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14th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Update on the upcoming console patch - Earliest ETA: 15th Evening/Night EST

Keep in mind this information is what I am posting at the current time, any more updates - I will let ya know later.

This information will mostly affect Xbox Players, but also has some application to PS4 too. The Xbox version of the game is undergoing a massive upgrade to the XDK which will result in a v. large patch. There are a lot of changes that will affect perf across the board and may resolve some underlying network issues we had previously (as testing indicates thus far). This is the reason for the delay in the update not being shipped on the 13th.

This is why we had to delay the update from the 13th until now, it's still possible for it to release on the 15th, assuming Microsoft are able to take it through full cert + we pass - however as it is a large update, we may not hear back until v. late in the evening U.S time or the next day.

From speaking to our engineers, they suspect the patch could be 30GB+ (yes I know it's big, but it was VERY important for us to get this done on Xbox! Yay to progress! PS4 players won't have to worry about a patch this large, as these are underhood changes related to XB).

In terms of Primitive+, we won't be releasing the update for it this patch. I know it sucks, and you guys have been patient, but due to the necessary XDK update, we need more time to iterate on the Total Conversion itself in console form (and this also means PS4 won't get the Prim+ update because most of the time our work is done on Xbox and then ported to PS4 for Abstraction to wrap up) especially as it's an alternative game mode and there could be a number of issues arising from the XDK change and we don't want to take that chance, esp seeing as we already had to extend our QA for the base game.

Will be working with Cedric and the engineers to get that update done as soon as possible, and make sure it can run stable/smooth with the new XDK Update.

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