Farewell #CODZA (for now).

In a deeply regrettable situation we are saddened to announce / confirm that we have dissolved our Call of Duty division. We strive to always provide the utmost opportunity to all players within any of our teams, however, we are also a brand, a company and have our own values that we operate under and hope to inspire others to do so as well.

As such we are often faced with having to make tough decisions between opportunities and staying true to our values, this decision is no different.

In short, this decision comes off a lack of roster stability, poor performance and a lack of professionalism, transparency and core values from members within the team.
With that being said we would like to bid farewell and wish the best of luck to Beyond, LordLevkhov, Cartmanff, HippieCam, and Harmzy for the future.

We have inserted a detailed statement regarding the events that unfolded below:

One of the core values within Mythic Gaming is transparency and accountability, having said that; please find the events that unfolded and why the decision was made to temporarily retire our Call of Duty Division below:

In January 2017 we confirmed our CoD roster (Beyond, Riptide, Zeus and Replays with HippieCam as coach / analyst), however, the team did not feel the drive to grind out IW. They brought this issue to management early and agreed to try grind the game out until DGL began. DGL started and the team did not feel the motivation (as communicated to us).

The players were all aware that they signed contracts and were willing to play the rest of the year, however, we as an organisation did not want to force these amazing guys to spend a year unhappy because they ‘had no other option other than grind out the game that they do not want to play for the entire year’ and as such we terminated their contracts on mutual and good terms and allowed those members who wanted to leave the opportunity to do so.

In the middle of February 2017 we had reached an agreement with (Beyond, LordLevkhov, Cartmanff, HippieCam and Harmzyy) to represent the Mythic Gaming banner for the 2017 year. Each player was given the opportunity to discuss what they would like to receive from the organisation, what their goals and expectations were for the year ahead and were constantly communicated to by management regarding photo shoots, announcement dates and other on-going things within the organisation.

The photo shoots were held during February and all the pre-requisites were met from an organisation perspective.

The new players were given the contracts on the date that the agreement had been reached and were required to sign the contract and return it before we made the announcement public.

However, DGL had moved their schedule up a few weeks and out of good faith we announced the team so that there was some hype around the players before they player their first matches under our banner This decision was taken regardless of contracts outstanding – each player again verbally agreed to send their contracts on the deadline date and appreciated the announcement out of good faith.

During a period of two weeks (post photo shoot) some individuals within the team attempted to snake players - without any communication to management about roster issue - failed to uphold the values we strive to achieve, failed to meet contract submission deadlines and failed to maintain a dedicated practice regime.

Despite these shortcomings we were optimistic in the ability of the team (in terms of results and as brand ambassadors) and issued a final warning to the team. This warning not only outlined the issues but also outlined what could be done to restore a ‘clean-slate’ and trust to the division. We then extended the deadline of contract submission by a few extra days.

However, things did not appear to change and the same issues were experienced. The total lack of transparency, communication and dedication was evident within the division. Personal issues were a massive issue with the attempted snaking and as such the team synergy was gone. The contract submission deadline once again passed without contracts being submitted (certain team members were exempt from this as per discussions with this, however, this was not applied to all members.)

As such we felt it was necessary to temporarily retire our Call of Duty division for the reasons above. We will be focusing on our #DOTA and #CSGO teams who will be focusing on qualifying for the Masters LANs through the Community Shield as well as the MettleState tournament.

We will be working on making a return to the scene towards the end of the season / start of next season.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every #CODZA player, manager, organisation and fans for all the support you have shown the #MythicArmy. It has been an absolute honour to have had Jason as our brand ambassador and we are in communication with him to bring him on board in management of the organisation or to form a new roster in the late 2017 / early 2018 season.


Mythic Gaming


This statement has been approved by Jason “Beyond” Louw (JasonBeyond_) and accurately reflects the happenings within the former Mythic Gaming Call of Duty team. In no ways is this statement an attack and serves to provide transparency to all stakeholders within the Mythic Gaming organisation and the #CODZA scene as a whole.

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