Context on the remake of Game 2 GIA vs VIT, March 9th 2017: Due to a bug, Vitality players were not able to see the Orianna ball anymore in certain instances from approx. 25:52 onwards, putting them at a disadvantageous position. League officials verified the visual bug and determined it had significant game impact. In accordance to our rules (section 7.10.5), in case of a critical and verifiable bug, the team disadvantaged by the bug, in this case Vitality, will be presented with the option for a restart.

We understand that GIA had the gold lead at the time the bug occurred and that VIT accepting a remake when behind can feel unfair, however, in this case the bug was significantly game impacting and for both teams a fair completion of the game, the outcome of which was not decided yet, would not have been possible.

Orianna will be disabled for the remainder of the match day to allow officials to further investigate.

On Chronobreak: It’s in development by our devs centrally and still beta, thus unfortunately not yet available globally. More info here:

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