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9th Mar 2017 from TwitLonger

Why The FFA At HCS Vegas 2017 Was Horrible

I made Top 24 in the FFA and they almost decided to kick me out because I had the most points for my amount of Wins. Basically, everyone thought that it was most points that move on, but last minute they wanted to change the system so that it would be the people that took the least amount of games to get to their win total. I argued this because they were essentially penalizing people playing the game they paid to play. This also screwed over the people that already had a sufficient amount of wins on Day 1, that played a ton of games attempting to get to the 9 win auto qualify. The one and done is also stupid, since nobody was warm and FFA is super inconsistent, making some people qualify that aren't as good as others. Overall, the FFA was extremely poorly ran, since the refs all told different rules (Ranging from 9 Top 3s to 12 minute non HCS versions), and there was no spreading of information regarding times and system setup. In fact, they changed the format three times, as ordered by a head admin that had never attended a gaming event prior. Long story short, admins had no clue what was going on, and players that had been grinding 9+ hours for a Top 24 Qualification got screwed because of a lack of understanding of the point system and the last minute decision to do one-and-done finals.

Trash Staff, Trash Format.

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