Xedec Nation Rocket League #XNRL

First and foremost we want to apologise for our haste in the acquisition of a Rocket League competitive team. Due to the announcement of RLCS S3, we were keen to get involved and expand our reach into other games. False decisions were made and we apologise for the upset that our aquisitions may have caused, especially in regards to the credibility of our organisation.

We aim to make the Rocket League community stronger and want to be a leading organisation in the development and growth of this games future.

We believe that our updated roster will be more than capable of challenging the current powerhouses and performing well in both online tournaments but as well as the Rocket League Championship Series, and we are excited for the future.

We are proud to announce our roster for the upcoming RLCS and the new season:
1. Nielskoek (Captain)
2. DanzhizzLe
3. Zensuz
4. Rix Ronday (Substitute)

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