Getting WatchESPN through DirecTV and on to a TV

WatchESPN on DirecTV appears to be limited to Genie models HR44 or HR54 receivers.

To determine your DVR model, on the remote hit the Menu button, then Settings & Help, then Settings to see your DVR model on the right side.

If you do have an HR44 or HR54 receiver, go to any ESPN network channel.

Once there, click the red button on your remote. Keep clicking until Experience the ESPN App comes up at the bottom right; see image:

If the App won't come up, try switching to another ESPN channel and repeat the process. Once you see the ESPN App graphic, click the red button again to launch the app. has an overview of this.

The top row of the app display is for actual ESPN channels. The second row is for online ESPN broadcasts. See image:

Not every online ESPN program is always listed, but the list does get updated. Launch the ESPN App again as start time gets closer.

One last note, if you can't hear the audio through a stereo receiver, try toggling the DVR's audio output to Dolby digital off.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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