Looking for new home

Long story short, we have been released from @eXGamingLLC and it leaves us in an incredibly tough and awkward situation moving forward.

Our ideal goal was to attend the CWL Sydney 1 event and then go to MLG Dallas as most APAC teams plan to do; however, given the time frame, randomness and the reality of the situation we are unsure if this even achievable anymore. We need to attend Sydney to keep any small chance of qualifying for the Season 1 LAN League alive as Dallas may be unattainable.

For anyone that doesn't know the team consists of:

We are currently the 4th seeded team in APAC for cwl pro points and are competing in the CGPL league.

With that said we will be looking for an organisation to represent going into the future and most importantly for the upcoming CWL Sydney in a couple of weeks. Anyone with any interest or for more information don't hesitate to contact myself or @Flarez_COD.


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