Questions about North and why i did what i did.

So ive seen alot of people been wondering why i did what i did. Was it lack of motivation,was it clash in the team? what did really happen?. Its clearly that i have not been on my 100% for a long time, i took a break after our break in summer, basically because everything just went black and i couldnt focus, i was really sad all the time and couldnt think positive, about my play, about everything (i have always been really hard on myself). So i came back, we started to do well, with magisk. It was ofcourse really nice to actually start to be a contender, getting to quarters,semis and win a really big event, but i always felt something was missing... And it was my will and motivation, to get even better, fix my mistakes and so on, the constant traveling, constant practice when you got home was not as easy as it was before, and i didnt feel motivated enough to do it as much as my teammates, clearly my teammates wanted to play as much as possible (since we always wanted to be better and better) and if my motivation and will was as it was for the team, i would without a doubt do the same. Im actually getting annoyed that people always mean i did the wrong thing since i went from a really good contract with good salary and blabla, so money is everything and you should forget your family and everyone you love? thats not in my head atleast! And as i said i didnt feel like having motivation and will to be on the team, it will not say im done with cs ofcourse, but right now im still representing North, and im glad they got aizy, clearly a more skilled player than me, danish and been playing under msl's leadership before, im confident they will be even better now, and hopefully it will happen. I did this because i felt it was the fair thing to do for my team, instead of holding us to not improve, i wanted my team to improve, and i think they got the last tool they needed to be even a better contender, i loved my team, everyones work ethic was really good, and ruggah is a really underrated coach, he is not just a good coach ingame, but also out-game, always trying to help if something is bothering you, i hope this helped you understand what went into my head. And right now i will enjoy playing esea/fpl and stream as much as possible:-)

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