Adjustments to the 2017 Recommended Ruleset

Hey Guys,

Gonna keep this short and sweet. We reviewed a lot of feedback and oodles of footage, and we just want people to know that changes or not, their opinions have been heard.

Here is the link to the updated set:


Lylat Cruise goes from BANNED to STARTER
Stage Clause has been added in (you can't pick the LAST stage you won on)
Doubles Team Clause has been updated - a team cannot play a match unless the whole team is present
Only 3 omegas: Suzaku, Wily, Midgar

Things we didn't change:

BF/DL being unified

We chose the LAST stage version of DSR due to the requirement of having bans, and that requirement hinged on having Lylat Cruise legal. We wanted to leave the option on to ban it even in a bo5.

Also, because this is a lot, I made the "TL;DR" version

With that, i'm hella sick and expecting my 2nd child any day now, so I'm hibernating for a bit. I'll see you all soon!

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