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14th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

170214 MBLAQ G.O Fancafe Chat Trans #4 (final)

I will tell you gusy about trophy

I cursed out all curses that I know since I was born to company

They gave us excuses that it happened while combinign 2 containers that they kept into
one, but are we 2 years old?

I did not heard a reply that they got thse back despite calling them few times and company
just disappeared

Everyone, I have all albums that was released including my own single

Of course..I am keeping all letters that I received from fans

I truly love MBLAQ and A+s a lot.

Please don't think that it is disappearing as time goes by

I promise to definetely pay back for these 7 years that was not good as we hoped and
thought that it will be

MBLAQ lasts forever as long as us three do not fight and fight

Oh, I kept looking for Lisa from Goduck because I wanted to suggest somet higns to her
in order to receive help for what I plan and attempt to do

Please do not misunderstand about it

Starting from 2018, let's stay together for at least 200 days a year

Stay happy and please do not misunderstand in other terms

I will not be under entertain company anymore

The fact that I said it does not mean that my thoughts and thoughts of other members
about it are same

I hope that you guys will not misunderstand about it

I only told you all about my own thoughts and opinions exclusively

All of us are doing very well

You guys will have to prepare for a handkerchief when you guys learn that how much
all three of us got hurt in the future...

Forever MBLA+Q

Have a good night!


Cap credits: 밥보다양승호


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