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14th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

170214 MBLAQ G.O Fancafe Chat Trans #3

I often have phone conversations with other members

I just talked with Seungho and said we should release album after all of us get discharged

I often have a phone conversation with Cheolyong and share about music related stuffs

I do not know if you guys can remember this, but I told you guys before entering training
center last year that I might not be a singer when we meet again

I still feel that way

I do not want to meet you guys in terms of singer and fans

I was hurt too much while being a singer and being under companies, along with
having to experience physical departing twice regardless of my intentions and desires

I thought that it is not a happiness that I want

Therefore, I want to have a comfortable relationship like friends.

Oh, I didn't felt a necessity to follow them on Instagram because we keep in touch
with each other very often

I will follow them immediately

I hope that it was a good enough answer

I promise you guys

Fanmeeting will definetely be hold in February 2018

We will hold fanmeeting once again when all three of us get discharged from military

I will inform all official news through fancafe every single time in the future as long as
my rights are maintained

Cap credits: 밥보다양승호


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