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14th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

170214 MBLAQ G.O Fancafe Chat Trans #2

Since my personality tends to be very mischievous and feel very burdened at receiving
unconditional love by anyone, I thought a lot that what did I have done to fans as a singer
and celebrity

Therefore, I wanted to be closer to fans and take off unncessary wall

I think that my desire to do it led to that mistake

I apologize once again about it

I really wanted to fulfill responsibility for a fanmeeting

However, as you all know, we all have very different enlisting period.

I really wanted to meet you guys as soon as possible

I feel sure that Cheolyong and Seungho feel the same way

Therefore, I wanted to paln and make it happen as soon as possible

I want to clarify about some controversies and rumors

As for fancafe and Goduck, which is my personal fanpage, it was because JTC
existed and there was a fanstaff at a period when I was being very careful about things

I informed fans through Goduck because I was very cautious about informing stuffs
because there are some members who are still active

I did that because Goduck Goduck is a place where you can be anymous and that it is
reliable since it was owned since beginning of debut

JTC is gone as time passed by

Fancafe manager does not exist

I informed about personal news through Goduck, but I wanted to inform plans about
official fanmeeting through chatting. It was fun and did not thought that it will be controversial

Controversy happened and when I was trying to comprehend through fanpage, my instinct
came that they are tryign to prepare for fanmeeting as how they prepared for previous
supports and birthday gifts since they had a chatting

I wanted to stop it, so I went into thechat and told them not to prepare for a fanmeeting
since I would use my own money for it. I apolgozied to some who were there at that time

However, it was also a mistake. Therefore, I wanted to apologize in last weekend through
fancafe chatting.

Another guess. About contract, leaving MBLAQ, portal websites, and JTC label being disappeared from my profile

Didn't you guys wanted me to get out JTC badly..

I really wanted to erase JTC from my own profile the very first thing after JTC was gone

However, I was not able to imagine that I would get bashed for not signing up again or that
I left MBLAQ

I will let you all know that all thee of us are not related to JTC in terms of contract.

It's because JTC is gone

Cap credits: 밥보다양승호


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