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14th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

170214 MBLAQ G.O Fancafe Chat Trans #1

*All convos are made by G.O


Have you guys ate dinner?

Can you give me a time to talk for today?

I will tell you

First, I sincerely apologize for cursing at chatting last weekend

I did not had any intention to call out anyone etc., but it was very controverisial enough

I felt guilty toward fans since few years ago

It's because I felt like I did not do enough to pay back

I was very busy myself during beginning and middle stage of debut
and did not felt relaxed enough to look back at others and thankful toward love that fans gave

I had to send away precious fingers when I gradually came to learn to appreciate these

I thought of enlisting at that point

However, I thought that it was not mannerful to fans. Us three released album after discussing endlessly

JTC promised for total of 2 mini albums and a fan meeting

However, there was no album after Mirror

They chose official fans for A+ 4th season, but they didn't hold a fanmeeting

We complained about it to JTC every single day, but they didn't respond

I told JTC that I will hold a fanmeeting by using my own money because I felt very
guilty toward fans and wanted to payback in anyways that I can

However, JTC did not let me do that and time passed by without any progress

I felt puzzled at the fact that JTC had no power to release album anymore and was
not making any plans for it

I enlisted after discussing about it with other members. I thought a lot during that time

Cap credit: 밥보다양승호


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