Summary of todays Tavern Hero Final (very long post)

So for those that haven't read my twitter today I played in the Tavern Hero Final today. Top8 of this tournament qualifies for preliminaries tomorrow. But it turned out that this tournament would turn out to be a disaster.

I had to wake up at 6am to go to the venue in Stockholm which was the closest approved location by Blizzard to play from. At 2pm the tournament started, fast forward and at 10.30pm I've just played my third match of the day and got knocked down to the loser bracket. Fighting from the loser bracket I now had to win 5 rounds to make it to preliminaries, you can all see how this isn't really possible with preliminaries starting at 12 noon the following day. At this point the admins were still trying to find a solution to the problem and just kept telling us to wait until they come up with something.
At 11pm we got thrown out from the venue since it closed for the day and our admin paid for a cab to go to the closest internet cafe where we could continue playing since no solution had been found yet. I heard from people at other venues that they were not as lucky and just got thrown out with no explanation of what would happen and some even feared that they would get dq'ed since they didn't have anywhere to play from.
At 1am and one match later we finally got word that we are done for the day but that the tournament would continue at 9am later that day. Yep, you heard that right. Not only does that mean that I (and a lot of other people) somehow are gonna finish four rounds in three hours before preliminaries start. I have no idea how they think this would be possible and how it will affect preliminaries tomorrow and I'm fairly sure they have no idea either.

So that leads us to now. It's now 1.30am after I had to walk around looking for a hotel to stay the night so I could be in time to the venue tomorrow and pay 150$ out of my own pocket at that. I am gonna get a lovely five hours of sleep to wake up and play my last four rounds of the Tavern Hero Final AND if I make it out of that jump straight into preliminaries which I'd guess be at least another twelve hours of matches.
I will follow up on this at a later point suggesting improvments for next Tavern Hero Final. But right now I really need to sleep so I can somehow survive the day tomorrow.

All I can say is that this have been the worst tournament experience I've ever had in my career and I am really dissapointed in the people organising this event. I hope that Blizzard will never let something like this happen again.

With that said. Huge shoutout to Marvinmega, the admin on site here in Stockholm. He did all he could to make the best out of the situation for us playing here. Thank you very very much.

Sorry for the long post, but I really needed this out of my system. Good night.

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