Kadir · @xKadirlol

9th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

Stepping down from the Starting spot.

Hello Misfits fans,

Today, I am announcing that I’m moving from the Starting to the Sub position.
Because I still am a full time student, I was supposed to fill for only 1 week of the EU CS. Due to my studies I was unable to move to the gaming house and barely had any time to attend scrims.

This year school gave me the offer to accelerate my school phase (2 years in 1 year). This was all because the effort I put in my studies and it would’ve been a shame to let such an opportunity go to waste. I think it’s not hard to imagine how hard it is to balance a healthy school-league relationship, especially on such a competitive level.

I’m really grateful for all the experience and chances I got in my short time.
I wish the team the best of luck and it was an absolute honour to play for Misfits as starting jungler.

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