The Future of ShadowCraft

Anyone who has used ShadowCraft this expansion knows that Tamen and I have been in constant catchup mode (in fairness to Tamen, its mostly me who is way behind). The engine in particular has been a source of constant frustration for me with one spec entirely non-functional and a number of trinkets and legendaries unimplemented due to difficulties. The current approach is unsustainable and so we're, yet again, asking for help. The various complexities of the myriad bonus ids, and complicated item effects is too much for only two people to handle.

ShadowCraft is a wonderful tool and has been a centerpiece of rogue theorycraft since Cataclysm and I don't want to step back from the project but to continue we need help. Another person to help maintain the engine would go a long way toward getting us back on track.

If you are interested in helping ping Tamen or me for UI and engine respectively in Discord and we're glad to show you where to poke. Especially people who are mathematically inclined and interested in modeling. I'd love your help.

If you want to know what you are getting into the code is here:

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