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7th Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

Thoughts about the past two years and side not about the current times! -Long-

Hello everyone,

It will be a little bit hard to sum up 2 years of great experiences with EnVy, but I'll keep it simple.

We spent a lot of time working together with the EnVyUs organisation and I believe that we helped each other grow as businesses and as persons. I am glad that we brought them trophies that they deserve and glad of the way they treated us as friends and players.
hastr0 was commited for us to be in a good environment for us to focus on the game and he did good with that. We've had some differences of opinions and with the growth of nV have not always been at the same pace, but we've always settled down our possible problems and moved forward!
Meeting some of the other players, and the staff that we sadly rarely met, was always great moments and I wish them the best of luck for whatever they plan to do in the future. I believe that they are great persons, and wish them success in life.

Regarding the team part, being a part of EnVy for two years has been a huge learning process in both the best and worst moments. The opportunity to play with this roster and everything that happened within (winning, losing, changing players, adapting roles, integrating new players, and so on..) was great and I believe that everyone went out of these two years as slightly different persons for the better.
Happy has obviously been a speical person to work with, as his approach to the game is different than the "classic" way and it was obviously a huge factor in our victories. We have had our differences and it didn't go for the best in the end, as our opinions were just going farther and farther the more we were playing together. All of the internal problems led to him going lower as a player but I believe that he has the strength to come back from all of it and be the player and in-game leader he was in the past, and adapt a little more (banana is back, you can go entry it now again! ;p).
From the little I've played with Sixer, you can notice his experience and I truly believe that he has a spot as a great French player and especially as a sniper. I would've been happy to play more with him and see where his high point will be, and I believe that it's a high one!
Next, our manager, has always been present for us and has been a very uplifting note in most of the moments, always ready to help and he even tried to watch demos (Well, wasn't the best idea.. Was it ?) and we keep a 100% winrate with him on official games. He's been supporting our fuck-ups and been there in the good moments, without judgment and also as a good friend whenever it was needed. For all of that, thank you!
I've already talked about Kio, Devil in different posts and I won't talk about the whole time.
All in all, I look back at those two years in a very simple way. We rose the level of CS in France very high, at times being considered the best team in the world at different moments. We spent -so much- time together from the beginning of the roster with MoMaN till the beginning of 2017 that we should remember the best from it all, and learn from the mistakes we all made without being ashamed of them. Sure, regrets can happen and we could've won different tournaments, but we can only learn from it now :D

As a conclusion, it has been two years with a TON of things in it and remembering everything is impossible. I am glad that we all worked together and shared good moments, but our differences in visions led to different paths. I will personally maintain good relationships with everyone I worked with during that time. I don't expect everyone to understand the decision, whether being to change roster and/or change organisation, but I just ask you to respect it. I can obviously not talk too much about all the inside informations and everything that happened :).
Thanks for all the great moments in EnVy Mike, Vincent, Fabien, Jordan, Richard, Eddy, Kenny, Dan, Tim, Chris, Niclas. I am glad we all had moments to share Champagne together :). Thanks to all the staff that works well together and that are easy to work with. I wish all of you good health and great success!

SIDE NOTE : I probably read too much, and I generally don't mind it. But I read so many things that are straight up WRONG which hopefully won't affect relationships between players. This new roster has been put together rather naturally after some talks within the group of persons, and there has been NO ultimatum against some players or some bullshit like that. We never called ourselves the "Superteam", but people have been calling the roster that way. Anyone on the internet is free to speak their opinion and relay informations, but the truth comes out from the actually reponsible and concerned persons. We are currently putting all the work to have both playstyles merged together and rise steadily and stay united as a group that can work together on the long term. Not qualifying for Katowice is a huge blow and was obviously disappointing, but we can only put our heads down and keep on working until we produce a level that we are proud of and it will stay our only objective. If we could come in all guns blazing and kill everyone we would do it, but we are ready to grind till we can pretend to be the best team in the world and after that grinding to keep that spot as long as possible. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us in our high and low times and support us when we play. Reading great messages of people supporting us will _always_ help in tough moments and in moments of doubts.

Peace, see you soon on the battlefield!

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