Politics hasn't and will never solve this. What will?

politics hasn't and will never solve this.

What will?

Take the organic agriculture movement for example.

Organic agriculture has put big-ag against the wall because people are simply withdrawing from the system and buying from their community, growing for their community, and in some cases, not paying taxes or following the criminal laws and regulations used to keep people from starting their own businesses and escaping out from under the establishment's monopolies.

Yes, there are protests and campaigns to educate people - but primarily - there are people making organic agriculture accessible to regular people - building communities doing real, physical work/business up around organic - and drawing people into this tangible, practical movement.

Take that, apply it to every other industry and aspect the system currently dominates at every opportunity, and that will change things.

Politics is what people do when they have no real solution to any given problem - which is why politicians are famous for talking but doing nothing.

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