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1st Feb 2017 from TwitLonger

Current situation regarding Rocket League / G2

After a lot of deliberation between both the org (G2), and Kronovi, we have decided my best place in the organization is as a streamer / content creator. This means I wont be starting, coaching, managing, or subbing for the main roster of G2's Rocket League team. There are many reasons behind why I believe this is a good place for me in my current state of life.

1. The pressure of performing live in front of thousands of people in a competitive environment started to get to me, especially when I began to under-perform. This lead to depression, anxiety, and general stress related to RL which further inhibited my performances in season 2 of RLCS.
2. I wasn't happy in the living situation with Kronovi. There are many reasons behind this that I can't really elaborate on, but just know it was in my best interest to leave and come back to living with my family
3. Competitive RL is not a career path, for me at least. There are people who might be able to take it another 5-10 years maximum. But something contributing to the stress of playing rocket league is knowing id have nothing to fall back on, so now im looking into a different field of work, that could be streaming, it could be something else, idk yet. I just know i wouldnt be happy with a career path of 100% rocket league forever.

There's a lot of stuff i probably shouldn't say about this, but just know its a good thing overall for me and probably for G2's roster looking back on my past inconsistencies. Thank you all for all of your support through my recent silence in social media / twitch / youtube. I want to get back into creating new and entertaining content for you now that there's not so much pressure to be the best in the world.

And thank you for your time, OZ

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