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30th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

Our exit from CoD

As you guys can tell from the title we are no longer within the CoD scene.

This team was formed with 4 French players, Staan, Muscova, Sayko & SlyZh.. all amazing individual talent but when it came to performing well as a "Team" that's where we lacked in.

There were arguments daily, always arguing with each other which of course is not a good environment to be playing in & the only reason they were still together for Gfinity was because they had no other choice.. they all respect & appreciate each other but they're not comfortable with playing together any more and believe parting separate ways is the right choice.

Gfinity CWL London Invitational : this event was our make or break, we got drafted in a group with Millenium, Orbit and Team 3G which was Qwiker's team, we believed we could contest with Team 3G and take the series off of Millenium, if you watched the event you'd know this wasn't the case. We fell hard to Team 3G on day one and against Orbit we showed signs of hope but also fell 3-0.. we wanted to prove that we were the best French team which didn't happen either, we fell 3-0 in all close games. Ended our run with 0-9, this was not the performance we were expecting, LAN environment is completely different & unfortunately we didn't show up!

Everyone has amazing individual talent but this team wasn't the one where they can mesh together & showcase what they're made of in the EU scene.

We've nothing but respect for the guys & wish them all the best for ESWC & future events, thank you for representing the Cyclone brand @StaanGT, @Muscova, @SlyZh_, @SaykoBMG.

We want to thank all the French fans & EU fans in general who came out and supported the team this weekend & during their lifespan as a team, I hope you continue to support these players wherever they end up!


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