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30th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

Regarding each project:

1. That never got past the discussion stage because Ben was unrealistic about how the project was going to get off the ground. He looked at it as SEGA hiring us to make the film, when the reality was no such thing was ever going to happen. I had no Hollywood connections or experience putting such a project together, whereas he was already an established writer with connections in the business.

2. It took Producer-Director Larry Houston (who was the show runner of FOX-TV's X-MEN animated series) and I four years to even have a chance getting SONIC ARMAGEDDON off the ground, which collapsed when (A) SEGA Licensing Mgr Robert Leffler died in 2007 and (B) SEGA went through a corporate reorganization after that.

3. The KNUCKLES film was pitched as part of a settlement for the lawsuit as an alternative to cold hard cash. SEGA would have still received a piece of the action had events gone in that direction.

4. There was no other supposed SONIC film project from my end. What you describe here are story elements from the SONIC ARMAGEDDON story outline.

As for the new SONIC film, I myself would like to see it succeed no matter who does it. All I'm saying is I see no signs of anything beyond possibly a script being commissioned and some people brought on board.

When I worked on one low budget film project here in Hollywood, I was listed on its IMDB page as a storyboard artist. The only other cast and crew members listed were the director, producers and the screenwriter. I was involved in producing storyboards of sequences that were used to attract talent such as Joan Allen and Thomas Hayden Church to sign on. It was only when the funding was withdrawn after a lot of work had been completed that the project collapsed for good. These things happen a lot in the business.

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