It Still Takes Personality. .. in pro wrestling like, RT pls

It Still Takes Personality...

Long gone are the days of kayfabe in pro wrestling. Most all fans around the world know that wrestling is a work, but still appreciate the characters, athleticism, and stories told in the squared circle. With the advent of social media, the popularity of wrestling is rising once again. Vince McMahon is famed for saying 'he is not in the wrestling business, but sports entertainment business.' Wrestling is athletic competition but at heart entertainment. More than ever, people want to be involved in the rasslin business. Whether as a competitor, writer, social media mogul, or behind the scenes personality, it is an exciting time for wrestling. If your not seasoned veteran, or a 20year old spry chicken, let us face it, there is a glass ceiling to break into the business. Few wrestling superstars past and present, will follow on twitter, or acknowledge your thoughts, as legit. Though the guys at 'Something To Wrestle' @heyheyitsconrad, @bruceprichard, and @PrichardShow, have been an encouragement with their likes, retweets, and messages by the way it is the best wrestling podcast online at the If your like me, however, I chose to aspire in life in other areas instead of just graduating business school hop on the bus to go to rasslin school. Life is a journey, and for some reason the past year I have reaffirmed my passion for wrestling. I seriously doubt you will ever witness me doing a 450 splash off the top rope if you do, my funeral will most likely be the following week and everyone is invited. Though I would like learn to take bumps in the ring, my goal is to be a wrestling personality and promoter, cause dammit, personality is freaking missing trait in pro wrestling.

I have a gift, I believe, of seeing just the story and things going on in the ring after studying hours of film from about every era. Some stars today, are on edge mega mainstream stardom, but have no personality to get over. Is this their fault? Critics say yes it is, they have to be perfect. I disagree. Honestly, it is heartbreaking, watching them get booed. Their personalities getting crucified on social media when you see them give all their athletic skill in a match. I will admit, that I give constructive criticism, but never cross the line. I appreciate that those athletes made it to their dream reaching the WWE. However, we have witnessed countless potential stars fade away cause they lack personality. The solution to believe is for the 'wrestling' business to quit being such a close society and utilize talent, that simply would be a mouth piece getting potential superstars over. I miss the days of wrestling managers. In the business today, I doubt any of us could name ten wrestling managers that are still active and utilized from indies to WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Perhaps it a financial decision, simply paying a guy/gal, for the sole purpose of promos and getting 'heat' for their client(s). The financial decision has no merit with people that would literally work descent salary. Then, we come to 'the old rasslin' philosophy only use stars from the past. While this can and has worked, it takes away from the potential talent outside of wrestling. It should be the goal of 'sports entertainment' business to expand; then, the xenophobic glass ceiling needs to be busted open. People that have the gift to gab, and the passion for the business should be used to expand wrestling to the mainstream fans. I dismiss pundits that claim wrestling is dead and will never again reach popularity as it did during the 80's, and Attitude eras. All of us have listened to slander of the wrestling industry on podcasts and YouTube. We can either chose to be relics of the past or legends for the future. Only individuals that cherish the past, have a willingness to learn, and a passion for wrestling should aspire to be personality in the business. Our goal should be make athletes into superstars in rich historic legacy of wrestling. I will admit; this article is validation for people like myself being involved in the industry. 'I have wined and dined' with leaders around this world. I have been privelgded to perform and speak before thousands. No matter what field you chose to master in, if your not in the self-promotion business then you settle live in mediocrity. I always say. Our responsibility is to awaken the legend within. Though, it is looking for help break a crack in that ceiling. I love wrestling. I remember, the fever of hulkamania, how as a child it inspired me along with my faith and family, dealing with the peer pressure in grade school which helped me to go on achieve in life. I believe in a world so full of hate and division. Pro wrestling has a golden opportunity to spread the message of positivty, and inspire from young to old. One match, one moment, can literally change a life for the better. Haters are gonna hate. I am certain critics will have their 'two cents', oh well. I've come to far to turn back now. Love me, hate me, you have the right to do so. If you have a passion for life and wrestling, I know you will respect my passion. So, my disicples, continue to tweet, write, and train. 'Wrestling is real, people are fake.' 'Less hate, more love.' Guru

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