Regarding the 0.9 ratio...

So I checked side by side with the video and a regular match using the same exact moves, spacings, ect. to compare damage, the result of Rosa's jab 3 -> 12 -> dash attack, it was 14% in the match on stream, 15% in a 1.0 match, diddy bair -> banana -> fair did 23% in tournament, 25% in a regular set. There's a lot of things that get affected by a .1 change in ratio but at the same time, when factoring in rage, staling, DI, ect. it's hard to know if that's just unfamiliarity with every specific scenario or if it's a legit change in the rules, especially in the middle of a match, no one is watching for specific %s...the point is, it's unreasonable to know if the ratio is changed while playing but it can have major affects.

The thing is, this wasn't a player error, neither ZeRo or myself changed the settings, we played under the assumption that a professional tournament organization would set the rules correctly, which I think is more than a fair assumption at this type of event.

I'm not going to say the final results of the match were necessarily changed, maybe it would have been a 3-1 in Zero's favor favor still due to his neutral, maybe my jab confirms and Luma pressure being significantly weaker was a deciding factor in my loss, it's hard to say, and at the end of the day, no one is happy about it, same with Komorikiri vs. Zack. This could have changed the entire results of this event, and now no one will know what G4 would be like with fully "fair" results, it dirties the whole top 8 of the event. At the same time, I'm not going to take away from the results of this tournament and whoever wins this has obviously earned it.

At the end of the day I'm upset, I feel like I was robbed, like my time was wasted and I didn't get a chance to continue proving myself. I came to Cali to practice for a week with top players, spent time studying, practicing, ect. My sponsor spent money on my flight, hotel, ect. And for what? To not play under conditions labeled in the rules by the fault of TOs. At this point I don't even want to have replayed the set anymore, because I'm not in my good tournament mentality, if I win it could have been due to adaptations based on the previous set, ZeRo also gets screwed over because he was preparing for his next match and then has to replay me, if he wins then it's still more mental effort exerted, if he lost then it's probably the worst feeling in the world for him.

Since the set isn't being replayed, I think for myself and Komo, all expenses related to the tournament (flights, hotel, food, ect.) should be reimbursed, it's the only fair way to make up to the players for this since it is not the fault of the players, but instead of the event runners.

Obviously this was not on purpose, it was a mistake, but it happened and I hope this not happen again and it is resolved without more issues.

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