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Hey guys I'm Fr0zen, and I also played on NA vs CN for the NA side, as a player for NA who can both speak and understand Chinese I did a lot of translating and interpreting for my teammates for the majority of the trip. We all agree that this was probably the best experience we've had in a China tournament, dogs 3rd trip, chakki and reynads 2nd. However we were disappointed that this issue of hearing the casters and other players wasn't fixed despite multiple times we brought it up. The issue being the players were given in game noise and were only about 10 feet away from their team and can hear anything they say. Of course this time being especially bad obviously because it costed our tournament life. The play itself was horrible given the fact we had a keep on the coin which was only between 2 buccaneers/2 auctioneers/2 drake / pillager 1 van cleef and we didn't play a 1 drop which narrows it for good hearthstone player to auctioneer drake pillager and the occasional questing top deck to about 80% bad with 25% lose the game on the spot. Even if you look before in the vods I was in a similar spot as Reno vs rogue and there was no way a competent player would drop dirty rat, I would assume most Chinese players would agree. His arguement of trying to highroll chakki out of this game in post game interview with 2 players behind him with kazakus in hand was just flawed because he said he knew chakki kept 1 card. Of course we all knew we were likely going to lose anyways and the fact that we were out played and out drawn most of the games this likely had little effect on the result of the series, the integrity of the players matches were more important in the future of international hearthstone tournaments especially in China as multiple players pointed out, most Chinese events have casters players and in this case teammates in the same room. Overall aside from this we truly enjoyed this event, the organizers treated us professionally much better than most invites we been to and didn't purposely do anything in favor of one side or another. I also don't think the Chinese players mean to shout on purpose after multiple warnings and it put lvge on a tough spot, I don't blame him entirely for doing the play since people watching the event tend to be results oriented he would likely be one of the players blamed. Throw a series not playing dirty rat there or make the higher percentage win rate play ooze pass with kazakus in your hand.

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