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The maknae of the girl group that captured numerous hearts has now become a woman. This is the story about Girls' Generation's Seohyun, who has made a comeback with her first solo album since debuting 10 years ago. After quietly walking down this path for a not-so-short time, she's become stronger and a lot more relaxed than before. Seohyun, leading her own life, only seemed bright today.

INSTYLE: This is your first solo album after debuting 10 years ago.
SEOHYUN: My heart's fluttering. I've been the maknae of Girls' Generation until now. There are still a lot of people who think I'm young, and like a young girl. I wanted to get rid of that stereotype.

INSTYLE: Who is the song for?
SEOHYUN: The biggest theme is love. Within that, I tried to melt in the various emotions women feel about love. When you're in love, you can be happy, but also get hurt, feel anger, and go through a number of emotions. Most of the songs represent those type of women's feelings.

INSTYLE: I heard you took part in writing the lyrics.
SEOHYUN: There are a total of 7 songs on the album, and I wrote the lyrics for 6 of them myself. To be honest, just because it's my album, it doesn't mean that the lyrics I write get chosen. It goes through a blind test, and can only be shown into the world if it gets chosen as the best lyrics. I kept making attempts for a while, but I think my level of determination was different because it was for my own first solo album. I gritted my teeth while writing them. As one song, and another were chosen, I started getting greedier. It was to the point where I thought, 'do I have to turn into a songwriter', while preparing my album. (laughs

INSTYLE: Then, did you do any studying on songwriting?
SEOHYUN: I've always liked writing. Such as journals or memos. I write the emotions I feel at that moment in my notebook. When writing lyrics, I usually write them based on my emotions or imaginations, but I don't only write about my experiences. There are times where lyrics come to mind after hearing a melody, too.

INSTYLE: Was there any person who gave you strength while preparing for your comeback?
SEOHYUN: My parents and fans. My parents don't always tell me good things. There are a lot of times where I feel hurt, but after some time passes, it becomes a moment where I reflect on myself. They're like a kind of stimulant. I'm always grateful to fans. It's not an easy job loving someone unconditionally. There are still a lot of times where I'll fall asleep while reading letters from fans.

INSTYLE: Is there something that you'd like the general public to know through this album?
SEOHYUN: I think the most important part of it is reflecting my life. Just until a moment ago, lots of people recall 'young girl' or 'maknae' when you say my name. They remember me during my debut days 10 years ago. It's a pity. Honestly, for 10 years, I've experienced many changes and have grown. I wanted to share how I've gradually changed in appearance and life through this album.

INSTYLE: 10 years isn't a short amount of time. What do you think is the biggest thing that's changed?
SEOHYUN: As time goes on, I think I've become more relaxed. I think that some degree of stress is stimulating, but if it's excessive, it becomes like duress. I think I've been able to control that quickly now.

INSTYLE: From a musical to acting, I think it wouldn't be enough even if there were 10 of you. Which area of work do you have the most interest in?
SEOHYUN: It's difficult picking just one. Each of them have their own charms. As a singer, I feel joy when I show a different side of myself that the general public can recall. At first, I thought a fixed image was the biggest handicap for me, but I think it can be a good thing.

INSTYLE: Is there a type of character that you want to be/show?
SEOHYUN: An idiot/fool. I think I could play that type of role really well. People who know me in real life say I'm somewhat like that.

INSTYLE: Speaking of characters, is there a cartoon character that you like lately?
SEOHYUN: There aren't any now. I still have Keroro stickers and dolls that I collected back then. (laughs)

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