Why compromise with evil? #STOPTHELIES #FREETHEREFUGEES #Manus #Nauru

1. Close all of the refugee the concentration camps - offshore AND onshore;

2. Release, compensate and give all necessary assistance to the refugees currently on Manus Island and Nauru - including full resettlement in Australia to any who would still be willing to give us a second chance;

3. Start taking refugees from the "queue" again - with a particular focus on those already in our region such as the thousands in Indonesia and surrounding countries (Australia takes about 200,000 migrants every year already - the refugees under this plan would be included in that number);

4. Put the "people smugglers" out of business by offering a free and safe alternative way of coming to Australia for refugees departing from countries in our region who cannot afford or attain the far more numerically significant mode of arrival in Australia for asylum seekers (i.e. by airplane with a "valid" visa);

5. Where necessary, ocean surveillance and rescue of all distressed vessels regardless of whether they are millionaire adventurers or asylum seekers;

6. Adherence to both the spirit and the letter of tthe 1951 UN Refugee Convention for ALL asylum seekers regardless of mode of arrival; and perhaps most importantly,

7. An end to ALL support (whether financial, military, political or diplomatic) for the wars, economic policies and resource exploitation that have created all of these refugees in the first place.

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