What happened with SnK ?

For those who are wondering what went down with myself and SnK......
basically they are pulling the contract card on me, blaming me for what went down (which was not having a full team 30 days prior to the event) and not telling the truth.
This is false.
I did have a team, I had 4 players with me. Zay, Nano & Dyce was the four.
During that time of scrimming, I would literally hit up the manager ( Mr.K ) to get the CEO on ( Tyler Secco) to get things finalized; flights, hotel and team pass. You can even ask those players ^. They will tell you as well. Keep in mind, this was a solid week of scrimming with the team. I would ask them every single day to get on (SnK).
Nano, Zay and Dyce would even ask me " where are they", "Can you get them on" ?

Anyways, so the 2K came up, we fell short to ChanceMaux's team. The next day during gbs, we weren't playing as good as a team. We lost a gb, nano got tired and left the team after.
Myself, Dyce and Zay already planned ahead about not teaming with nano because of his attitude. He is a solid player, very talented but the attitude was killing my teammates drive.
Even tho nano left, we already jumped to the next plan, and that was picking up another 4th asap. We played with Cerda.

The next day, I woke up for work and saw this dm from the manager (Mr.K) about parting ways with me. We talked through DM.
I was heated.
Not at the fact that they released me, I was more pissed off at the fact that they were blaming me for not having a full team 30 days prior to the event.
Now, I had my squad and wanted to get things finalized before flight prices went up or team passes being sold out.
They kept blowing me off with excuses each day till that contract rule was active.
Literally the day that rule was active, they dropped this nonsense on me.

SnK did not fraud me in any way but they fed me with bullshit lies.
I used the word "Fraud" as in bullshit.
They wasted my time. They did not help me at all, they barely talked with me and every time I was trying to get in contact with them, another excuse popped up. THEY DIDNT EVEN GET THE TEAM PASS FOR ATL. Its like they signed me and already had this plan that nothing was happening with Atlanta.
SnK stated that they put me on board as captain thinking I would still have connections towards other pro players till this day. They were hoping I still had some but nope.
Mr K says he contacted players or players contacted him asking to team with me.
I didnt know any of them and preferred the players I had already.
He said he wanted pro players but sends me peeps i didnt even know and then says he helped me and expected me to pick up who he chose ?
He thinks he did his job ? SnK wasnt satisfied with the players I had already.

IMO I think they couldnt get the funds on time and used this as an excuse.
This isnt the first SnK has done this. Before I was Captain, I was warned by many players that this would happen and the people I was trying get on the team were sketchy about joining because of there bs in the past. From what they did to other teams.

Bottom line, This was very unprofessional of them.
I had a set team. We were ready to get things finalized two weeks before the "30 days prior to event" rule.
Every day, they made an excuse, and this wasnt my fault at all.
They are trying to point the finger to save their ass.

Yes this is alot, but Im putting this message out there for everyone to watch out for this Organization.
Best of luck to them.

As of right now, I am a Free Agent looking for a team for ATL and ESWC
I love every one of you who stand with me. Much love homies.

- Rich

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