So in my stay are the hospital I met a Japanese Darren Shan fan. Before anyone ask I'm fine I'm on the road to recovery. Anyways this all started after I ended up getting bored from playing Pokémon I knew I was with someone. Just like American hospital you sometimes share with people in a Japanese one.

I noticed this boy reading the books and decided to maybe strike up a conversation. At first I checked if he could speak English. He couldn't he was still learning. So then I switched to Japanese. I've never seen someone eyes light up so fast and they grew brighter as he found out I was a fan to.

We've been discussing non-stop about his books and opinions on them. The best part was talking about some ofJapanese translation that didn't make sense. It soon evolved into us learning about one another. Turns out he was here due to breaking his leg. I told him a bit about my life and it just grew better from there.

Books connect people. Even if we have a language barrier we can connect to people. Whether it be talking about a series we disagree with or seeing how two different version of the same book can be worded differently. It nice to know that books can make incredible bonds with people. And to you Darren Shan I thank you. Without your books I would have never had this experience.

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