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11th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

The future of Cringe Crew:

Since there has been a lot of questioning and alot of rumour about whats gonna happen to our team, we decided to finally have a meeting and talk about everyones feelings.
First of all I wanna say we had a really long and good ride together, which is something that we took into consideration for our decision.
After everything we still came to the conclusion that we are going to part ways. This is basically a goodbye message to our fans, sorry that we did not make it and wont make it in the future.

Along with that said I want to thank every past member, who played a big part in this team:

you helped us out alot. We really appreciate that you helped the team whenever we needed someone.

Also wanna thank the last roster for everything. I will miss hanging out with most of you guys.

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