Leaving Tainted Minds & New 2017 Roster

It was just announced that Tainted Minds have decided to acquire a new Call Of Duty roster consisting of Damage - Denz - Zeuss - Nimble. This means we will no longer be representing Tainted Minds.

I have been apart of Tainted Minds for 14 months now & they have been a great home to me. I completely understand & respect their decision that they've made. Nick (Dsav) has been great to me as an owner & friend. I wish tM & the new roster the best of luck in the 2017 Season.


I'm proud to announce that our new roster for the 2017 will consist of:
- Eminence
- Killerpie
- Bacabec
- Beastn

Killerpie & myself have decided to stay together as a duo and add Bacabec & Beastn to the roster!

We have been playing with Bacabec since his release from Orbit and he has proven to be a perfect fit for the team. In the past few days we have decided to replace Guydra for Beastn. We're sad to see Guy go but we felt that adding Beastn to the team will bring the slaying power that we were lacking to compete with the newly formed APAC rosters. Glad to have them join us!

We will be announcing a new home VERY soon! Just have a few minor details to sort out. I'm excited for the change that is happening & looking forward to see what we can do!

Thanks to everyone that supported us in 2016 & hope to bring you guys a great 2017!


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