Inept Airport Security Theater #TSA #airport #security #fll #shooting #FtLauderdale I just now ate my mcmuffin and coffee after joining a big table of airport Security personnel.... here in the gate area of JFK. I learned from them that.... They all work for an outside contracted company. They have no previous security experience. They have never done any sort of training drills or emergency simulations. They do not carry weapons. So.... in effect..... They are no more prepared for an emergency than any random passenger.... maybe less so. They confirmed that TSA also have no weapons and no emergency training or drills. Only the police have that.... and they are generally not on site. One of the Security guys had not even HEARD of the news of what had happened in Ft Lauderdale the other day. Shocking! They are so clueless. They are less qualified and less trained than the Greeters at Walmart.