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10th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

Dumpster Tier Superstars - HGC 2017 Team Name


A few weeks ago, Blizzard required us to change our team name to something other than "Dumpster Tier Superstars". I created a reddit thread where the community could vote and the highest rated comment would become our team name.

The top 3 names that we submitted to Blizzard were:

-The Blue Team
-Teamy McTeamface
-The Nexus Globetrotters

The first two names were declined due to lacking professionalism, while the last one is a team that already exists in Chair League.

Therefore, moving forward we will simply be named "Superstars" and our name abbreviation will be "Super", so I will be "SuperSrey", Hosty will be "SuperHosty", and so on.

We can't wait to compete in this brand new season of HGC 2017!


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