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8th Jan 2017 from TwitLonger

The haides epidemic

Normally I stay out of drama but from reading some comments on the reddit thread there seems to be a number of grossly misinformed people talking as if they have any idea what had happened or how visas work. Without getting too personal I will explain the details and provide sufficient proof that hades is a pathological liar.

Canada has a huge Chinese population thus obtaining a visa is incredibly easy. There are literally 4 Chinese consulates within 10 minutes driving distance from each other in my city.It only takes 3 days(2 if you get it express) if you ACTUALLY apply. Everyone who applied got theirs within 3 days except for ocean because he had to mail in his. 3 of us got our visas before Nerdy got banned - more than 2 weeks ago in December.

He had weeks to go and get his, he even lied and told us he did seen here: http://i.imgur.com/exkohVY.png (december 20th). You can see me asking for proof which is easy to provide - the pickup form given to you regardless if your visa is approved or not, a valid photo taken within the past 90 days(for the visa) a parking ticket or ANYTHING. He ignored the request and claimed he applied.

4 days later (Dec 24th) nerdy gets banned ( [*] ) and hades has seconds thoughts on going. http://i.imgur.com/05ZXCLx.png . at this point we weren't sure if we were going to be allowed to compete and use a ringer or our coach. Luckily they said we could use a ringer as long as we paid for the plane ticket, which we did for davey.

the next day the groups get released and hades is blatantly shook. http://i.imgur.com/84T4DYR.png http://i.imgur.com/NIvphrW.png http://i.imgur.com/mwHsvLB.png . the next day is spent finding a ringer and convincing hades to come. obviously we have a low chance of making it out of the group of death, but we also have nothing to lose since we're using a ringer and we had already paid for our visas, so why not go?

at this point hades cuts of all communication for 2 days. we spam call/text him and he is seen viewing the messages but not responding to them. he also played 2 rank-s pugs later that evening but still ignored us. He only responds the next day when I threaten to out him for ignoring us.

After some convincing and getting davey on board to replace nerdy, he gives us the OK and we're back to practicing as usual, except he reveals that he hasn't gotten his visa yet(shocker). http://imgur.com/na1oKuU . at this point he has a small window to get it (jan 3rd or 4th with 2-day express, the same dates davey gets his) only he doesn't go on the 3rd because he "got too drunk the night before " http://imgur.com/Zakx2xf . he then claims he applies for it the next day and didn't drop the pickup form at my house because "he was tired and forgot so he drove home" even though the entire reason he was delaying getting his visa was because he didn't want to drive ~2 hours to the consulate and then pick it up.

fast forward to saturday (1 day before we leave for china) and he drops the bombshell that he isn't coming : bonus odeag grammar^^ http://imgur.com/OIe6p2t a day after he supposedly went to the consulate and there was a problem that couldn't be fixed.

tbh we don't care too much that he isn't coming, we care that he kept lying and practicing with us when we could have brought somebody else if he had just said no.we had a person ready to pay his own ticket to come represent his country on the world stage. now we're left using a ringer with 1 week practice and a coach with 0 practice.

I don't think he deserves a 100 year ban, but he absolutely deserves to never play professionally again. which is funny because that's already almost the case since he's been kicked from every team he's ever been on.Ocean and I gave him multiple chances and he's fucked us over multiple times. I didn't want to bring him to china because he didn't deserve it, and if he had earned it he would have wanted to come, but he was gifted a free ride that he just didn't take(ISN'T IT IRONIC DON'TCHA THINK?) IT'S LIKE RAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

TL;DR : Hades? more like shades! FACTS, B.

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