Explaining a bit on the dodge

Just clearing up alot of questions that are coming up and explaining arkis dodge.
Hopefully explains everything.

First off this is just a regular event for us so thankfully ESEA allowed us to get a stand in since 4 of us were already here at the hotel. I'm sure if it was a chance at pro we were fucked.

Second, obviously we couldn't get any kind of pros or current premier players who played last season. So we had a few options to pick from and we decided to go with Diane.

Finally to explain a bit of him dodging. Arki clearly wanted to attend the lan when we first got invited since he signed all the stuff ESEA gave us to book his flight. A week before the lan he started acting a bit sketchy saying he didnt wanna go to the lan and he might dodge. This worried us a bit but we didnt think he would actually dodge since he did similar things before our lan for the minor.

At the end of the day arki is a loser for dodging but its best for the team. He was a huge problem for a long time but we wanted to give him another shot. Besides lets be honest we won't be losing much firepower with him gone if anything we'll have more

P.s sorry for bad vocab im on mobile

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