In response to the false allegations made against Drip Doctor's CEO & founder, we want to issue the following statement: Jamila Sozahdah, founder & CEO of Drip Doctors, is Board Certified Physician Assistant with a proven track record of providing healthful immunotherapy boosts to an extensive A-list clientele. Ms. Sozahdah founded Drip Doctors with two premier doctors in their field on staff, as well as a team of qualified nurses, and together they deliver professional health services across Southern California in their Downtown Los Angeles clinic. As well, Drip Doctors offer their services via house calls for high profile clients requiring the utmost privacy. Drip Doctors has developed an exclusive range of boosters for clients with uncompromising demands in health, energy, beauty, and athletic performance. As a proud CEO of a flourishing business, and thriving female entrepreneur, Ms. Sozahdah adheres to uncompromising standards for the health of her clients and the success of Drip Doctors.

This week, Ms. Sozahdah was dragged into an unfortunate incident involving libelous accusations sent on the hacked social media account of Samir Nasri, after administering a standard treatment on the soccer star. Ms. Sozahdah would like to address head on this unfortunate incident of cyber-bullying: all Drip Doctors services are professional health services, administered by a professional team, and all insinuations otherwise are nothing more than libelous attacks. All too often, women are subject to online harassment, and for cyber trolls, insinuations of sexual impropriety are as easy way to ruin a successful woman’s career. Jamila Sozahdah and the entire Drip Doctors team stand by their professional medical services and refuse to be bullied. The entire team looks forward to continuing providing cutting edge medical services to its extraordinary clientele.

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