A New Years Message...

What a year.

From politics, to hurricanes to hardships to war. I feel I’m not the only one who agrees that there is something about 2016 that has brought deep sadness. Not just on a global scale, but on an internal one. Everyday we’re inundated with so much to process, our little brains viewing all of this darkness and destruction in our own hands; our own little black boxes which have possibly caused a numbing to occur amongst us all. I often wonder if as a collective we’re growing to be stronger and braver together, or if social media & society is just causing more isolation, trauma and helplessness.

I believe everyone of us has a purpose here. A power beyond what we even realize. So much more than what the internet even has to offer. Privately, intimately, making someone’s world a better place. We can’t fix it all, but we all have a carbon footprint, a language someone understands, a story that gives someone hope and for now, a heart that beats.

I urge you this coming year to try and look up…
Look up from your phone and do the work you’re meant to do. The work that brings joy and hope to other’s lives. I believe humans need one another on ground level. It’s not a popularity contest and we don’t need to see it all. We’re all made of stars that turn to dust in the end. We’re sisters and brothers and we’re a part of this history, this generation.

Maybe this is just one voice, seeing the younger generation learn from us…

Though this world is bruised and abused, and it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, I deeply count my blessings to be here during it all. To have been able to grow and let this past years experience shape me into 2017, bringing all the pain and survival skills with me, is a blessing. Everyday is a blessing.

I have spent this year cultivating my work to share with you. It comes covered with dust and it may be a little numb itself, but it’s making it’s way.

Regardless of anything. In the end, for any of us to have made an impact on one spirit here is a gift.

Thank you for your patience, and be diligent with your self talk.

We are powerful beyond measure and we are heading into the unknown, together.

Happy New Year,

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